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    Can anyone here convince me that the olive green COP is a great shirt? I was going to order the indigo COP from Japan but is't not available. So it's olive or nothing. I understand the new fabric is not as stiff as the indigo one. Can it be worn ticked in? And how does green match with blue jeans? I guess with the color, there won't be much to expect interns of fading or breaking in...
  2. Schorsch

    Mister Freedom

    I tried the Californian last time I was in Pronto in BKK. I didn't buy it because I wasn't very impressed by the denim. Had no texture to it at all, like the stuff you got at the discounter before the 20 bucks distressed trousers avalanche came. The fabric after wash looks absolutly great. Thats just the photo or the denim that changes so much?