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  1. Ohh, yeah I see what you're saying. Good lookin out
  2. Thanks for the feedback, dude. So, like a more pronounced zipper vs the 8c to balance with the tecsys? Good things to take into consideration on the next build.
  3. Haha nah it's fine. Kind of, yeah, I've changed up a little on the body and the inside, still deciding on how I want the front exactly, and I haven't gotten the bottom 100% right yet
  4. Alright, Just finished up my buddy's bag. Getting closer to what I want this bag to be. 3gb-ms 001 •X-PAC VX-21 & VS-75 •Milspec Nylon Tecsys •YKK water resistant zip •Milspec QLQR strap •GT Cobra Buckle
  5. Thanks, yeah I'm putting together another test bag right now and one for a buddy out of actual x-pac. I wanna lock down a solid design and style for it before I actually start producing them for other people.
  6. Test build #01 on a 3a-1 style bag