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  1. Studio D'artisan

    I have checked the up coming jeans for the 40th anniversary. I also noticed a anniversary jacket, a type 1. Can we expect more items, items that cannot yet be seen on the SDA-website? I would like a type II.
  2. Studio D'artisan

    Thanks Foxy2! Really helpfull. A bit confusing as well. When comparing these measurements with the ones on OD, one might think they did not shrink in the Washing proces. I guess i Will be ok with size 31. 33 is too big, 32 as well (probably size 32 has a waist of 42). kind regards from the Netherlands
  3. Studio D'artisan

    I would appreciate that very much foxy2! What i notice from comparing size information of OD is that the differente in the waist is quitte big, 4 centimeters. Other measurements are close, front rise 1 cm, back rise half a cm. Guess i need to size up to 31, waist is stil smaller in that size but maybe it is compensated by the higher front and back rise? Your measurements can help to decide, i need to end up at a waist of at kwast 80. Thanks in Ada NEC!
  4. Studio D'artisan

    I think you are right. I have looked at 103 and D1714. They differ quitte a lot looking at the waist. Size 30 of d1714 had a waist of 84. The waist of size 30 in 103 is 78. I have the impression G-001 is more like 103. But then, looking at the waist i should go for size 33. I am quitte slim, 185 and 72 kilo. Hope you, Foxy2, or someone else can shed a light. It is Much appreciated! Kind regards from the Netherlands.
  5. Studio D'artisan

    Hi everybody, Here a question from a dutch SDA-fan. As there are no dutch retailers selling SDA, i buy online. I have a pair of D1714, size 30. Bought them at OD. Happy with these. Now I want G-001, from PSA. But which size? Looking at the size table of OD the same waist size, 84 cm, in raw as D1714 is size 32. Fit of G-001 is regular straight, D1714 is slim straight (i think). I had hoped that size 30 in D1714 meent size 30 in all other SDA-jeans. But now i am not so sure about that. Anyone who can help getting a better understanding? Kind regards