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    There's no point flipping Acronym anymore since exclusivity was thrown out the window the moment E moved production around and stock increased tenfold. He also keeps rehashing the same models so they've lost their appeal. Old Acronym grails were the best flips which is why they command the price that they deserve. You guys only showed me J47A-GTs that weren't even full packs and at best, 7/10 condition so I'd say my earlier comment still stands as valid. Have any of you actually seen them at yahoo auctions? Might wanna check the archived posts because you will not find anyone selling these jackets for less than 3k in flawless condition. The only recent pieces that actually had a "grail" aura around them were the j47a-ws and the j28-ws. Both of which were only dropped on the main site (as grails should). GL finding either of those for less than 3k nowadays. And speaking of grails, if you guys can find me a brand new J28-K blue/grey size S in flawless condition/zero delamination/full pack, I will personally send $1000 as a finder's fee, $2000 for the purple variant. But I'll save you guys time, because none of you won't... just like how a perfect 10/10 full pack J1TS-S in black or RAF will never be sold for less than $3k. Legacy Acronym products will just keep appreciating just like how collectible sports cards are, which I must point out... is a way better side hustle than flipping these NG4s for a measly $200 profit. I know some of you Mickey Mouse acronym resellers in your various slacks and discords (i.e. "cook groups" ) are reading this so save your energy and go back to shoes and consoles.
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    Of course not, those dropped 4 years ago. FYI expect to pay 3k for Acronym grail pieces of yore... maybe 4k in excellent condition; prices aren't common for archival flagships either, I've paid about the same for J47A-GT 9.5/10 condition two years ago.
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