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    Tender Co. Denim

    Will the quilted morning coat make a come back? :)
  2. I just measured my most best fitting "size 34" TCB Seamen Trousers by aligning the front and back waist band together that read (17"/34"), which seems about right. I measured my waist (below the belly) as 37"! I then went ahead and began to measuring up and down from hip to waist trying to find the lowest reading (36") whistle holding the measure tape firmly... Why am I able to wear size 34 TCB comfortably yet my waist/hip measurement is off 3 inches?
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    Has anyone purchased from the official Warehouse Japan site using the order form? If I want a pair of jeans hemmed do I just leave a message on the comment section? "Warehouse Lot 1206 USN UTILITY DENIM PANTS" has a stencil on the hem. Can Warehouse replace the stencil on the new hem?
  4. For those who don't know. Buaisou offers a natural indigo dyeing service in Japan. I had an item sent to them which took 4 weeks to do . You can dye just about anything and you can choose your own shade of indigo. https://www.buaisou-i.com/indigodyeservice Password: sukumo
  5. Thanks for the recommendation guys. I really like the warehouse jeans.
  6. Other than Seamen/deck style trousers from TCB, Dawson Denim etc.Why is it so hard to find brands making light weight quality jeans (up to 10 oz)? Does anyone else find jeans above 10 oz and slimmer than a loose straight cut uncomfortable to wear?
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    Shoes that look better with age...

    I don't mind the look. But is the outsole suppose to bend like that. Does that gap acts as a heel?
  8. - Zen Market - CDJapan *Avoid using SuToCorp at all cost unless you like dealing with unprofessional service. 8% service fee and copy/paste replies waiting for imaginary management and payment department to respond to the middle man that can't do anything in Indonesia...
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342