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  1. I think because indigo works better with cellulose fibers whereas wool is protein. There may be chemicals or incorrect pH levels in a indigo vat that would be damaging to wool.
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    Tender Co. Denim

    Does anyone know any online stockist outside of Japan, carrying 130s in size 3 (overdyed or rinsed). Japanese websites tends to sell at 2x the price.
  3. I mean more of a unsightly gathering of fabric inwards near the crotch area. Doesn't seem to happen with my other jeans but with my new Momotaro 1005SP. I know fit is subjective, but could this be a due to a tight weave and higher rise. Ps: overall the jeans fit great other than mentioned.
  4. What causes camel toe in jeans. I find it to be more apparent when I have a higher rise.
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    Tender Co. Denim

    Will there be a restock of type 130 (overdyed or rinsed) in size 3.
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    Tender Co. Denim

    How much of the taper do you lose if you hem the inseams from 36” inches to 30”. Will the hem openning and “fit” change significantly and be noticeable. As I would like to preserve the intended fit but too short to pull off an 8” cuff.
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    Shoes that look better with age...

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    Japan Blue Momotaro

    Are there any indigo x black high/mid rise models (similar fit to 1005sp) out there?
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    Shoes that look better with age...

    I have 3 Yuketen mocs, love them all. Aesthetically they’re amazing but they do have design flaws in regards to their mocs. I’m surprised no one ever mentions anywhere how the Maine mocs don’t provide any heel support as there is no stiffner or stiff leather that supports the sides or back. (The back strap doesn’t actually provide support especially once the leather soften/ages). It’s not nessassarilly a problem with 5”+ models as you can wrap the laces around for support. But for the hand sewn oxford type models with Vibram 2021 or rocker outsole, it’s a real hazard twisting your ankles. What’s the point of having a steel shank in the sole if the rest of shoe has no support. end rant.
  10. Do people find themselves incredibly fustrated wearing Japanese denim in hot weather. Especially when the crotch area gets sweaty and tight and you can’t fit your hands into them Momo front pockets.
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    Tender Co. Denim

    When will the A/W 18 collection be available? current stockists only have shirts from the collection.
  12. I plan to purchase a new pair of jeans where the sizing seems a bit odd compared to my usual size. Also the rises on both pairs are different.