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  1. On 11/4/2021 at 10:44 PM, AvantSol said:

    P10A-E BLK (M) 1100 900 USD

    J36-s BLK (M) HEAVILY USED 1200 1000 Usd


    3a-1 (2018?) All black xpac 1000 900 USD

    3a-1 OG xpac with Acr logo on the strap 950 850 USd

    All net prices, CONUS PREFFERED 


    Pics  on jawnflip https://www.jawnflip.com/u/AvantSol

    Or hmu on insta @avantsol



    V5-PX (M)

    P30A-E Blk (M)


  2. Damn. Was hoping people wouldn't like the v5 enough to give myself enough time to grab. But it's my fault for sleeping in so late today haha.

    Hmu if any if y'all grabbed am M and didn't like the fit.

  3. 7 minutes ago, robbatussin said:

    Have the prices even changed? They look to be the same as the previous couple releases. 

    (Taken from the techwear discord)

    And if you haven't noticed then that's what ACR probably wants. Incremental price increases where people will still cop and not complain.


  4. I say expect to be waiting longer just because acrnm has grown so much since then and I'm sure they have other repairs lined up. Also send them an email to confirm that they have your shipment and that it's being worked on. Sometimes they might not have your repair form if it didn't submit properly.

  5. 1 hour ago, QTOX said:

    Don’t wanna interrupt the NG4 conversations but does anyone know how long does a repair case take till it got fixed and send back (approximately)? 

    The pocket lining of my P30 had to get fixed. After opening a case and sending it (from Germany) I haven’t heard anything from ACRNM. I know my pants arrived at the right place but that’s it haha 

    So anyone has some experience with the repair service ACRNM and the usual procedure and time it takes? 

    Took about 18 days turn around time when I sent something in a few years back.

  6. On 9/20/2021 at 12:31 PM, BruceLeroy said:

    Got my goods in today. Almost got away with not paying a tariff too lol. 



    You can never get away from paying tariffs. Don't pay now, end up paying interest a year later. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Joshua James Barry said:

    He’s seriously gotta cop a chill on the J1A for a minute

    That won't happen unless people stop buying. The only one that really sat was the J1L. Plus each iteration of the j1 tends to be different enough to sell tbh. 

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