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  1. Selling BNWT Narifuri Pull breaker. Size S. Price 120 USD + 20 USD shipping fee.
  2. +1 ) size s-m. I've been looking it last 3 years, no success. Only size L-XL sometimes appeared at eBay.
  3. @Surver, It all depends from the style you want to get- more or less formal. Voronoi and blazer LT works well together as Friday casual look at the office. Apparat is cropped and more street wear.
  4. Bunch of techwear clothes is here: Civilized, Griffin, BagJack,Narifuri. PM me if interested.
  5. This pants are in stock for year or more. Looked at them several times, but i would say that veilance is more casual/urban pants as Enfin Leve is more for fashion. I like veilance minimalist style more. And what is Voronoi LT?) I know Voronoi AR and Cargo LT issued 2 years ago, but there was no Voronoi LT
  6. Consider to buy align pants, but was confused by photo at ssense. Pants looks quite short. Is it really so?
  7. They are using not white dyneema in the bags. Design looks good.
  8. Check this guys