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  1. Hi there! Has anyone tried N&F jeans for women?
  2. raw denim

    Thanks for your help guys, it's very easy to get lost in this world of denim because as soon as you post any brand name you're supposed to be a troll or anything, and it's very unpleasant. I'll probably go for the thread Raw for women. I've come across N&F raw denim for women, but I still can't decide!
  3. raw denim

    You're right,but as I mentioned before I'm collecting information not only about Companion denim but also other European denim brands. Besides, companion denim doesn't make jeans for women, I checked their website! I'm new in this denim philosophy and the best way to start is to ask people;)
  4. raw denim

    Hello, it´s not an advertising or anything else. I really love their jeans and think that they do a great job making eco-friendly goods. I´m now in Barcelona and doing some kind of research on raw denim and places where to buy it.
  5. Hi guys! I´m searching for the best places to buy raw denim in Europe. Any ideas?