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  1. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Retro Super Future glasses Golden Bear varsity jungmaven tee Raleigh denim Jones Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
  2. Tanuki Japan

    It did happen where the corner of my phone sits. It's understandable because of the texture of the double indigo but frustrating nonetheless. Also that red cast denim looks amazing!
  3. Tanuki Japan

    Is anybody else having trouble with the pocket bags of their Tanukis developing holes very quickly? I've had mine for a month and already have a hole
  4. Tanuki Japan

    So I just got my Tanuki double indigo in taper and thought you guys might like to see them since I haven't seen them around. My first impression of these jeans is the incredible texture of the fabric. I didn't really think much about the marketing of extra low tension weaving but the slub on these jeans is phenomenal. The texture really has to be felt and I'm having to restrain myself from asking all my friends to feel my pants. There are a couple things I would change on these jeans. First off, I think the pockets could be lined a bit more. This is purely my preference based on owning a pair of pants from Raleigh Denim Workshop which are probably 2/3s lined while these Tanuki's are closer to half lined. The function is the same, I just like the feeling of a lined pocket. The second thing I might change is the inseam color. I do not mind the blue but I saw on another edition that they had a grey inseam and I think this might be a little more understated and desirable. These two things are very minor and do not affect my overall contentment with these jeans. I'm exited to break these in and update with some of the fading.