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  1. TCB

    I'm glad they're comfy and you're holding onto them! I think if you're into the whole look that goes with the fit then they'd be great jeans. The fit is accurate to the 701s from what I know, so props to Inoue for keeping it authentic.
  2. TCB

    @mandel9000 I hope the 701/Norma work out for you! I tried them on on the weekend and sadly they didn't work out for me - they fit me but they uh, highlight things I'd rather minimise! The denim is gorgeous though, lovely color and nice and soft.
  3. Raw for Women

    Agree. And I'm jealous you have the Geishas, I can't see the fit working for me, but I really want that denim! They look great on you.
  4. TCB

    I'm getting some! A local shop is getting them in, I'll report in when I have them. Purely for science, of course.
  5. TCB

    Cheers! No hurry just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything.
  6. TCB

    Anyone have an update on the 701s? Couldn't see anything on the TCB page, but I'm relying on Google Translate so not sure I'm getting everything.
  7. Raw for Women

    I had the same thing happen to me - I have a pair of the 77bsp 3sixteens that stretched a tonne in the waist. So I had a tailor take 3" out of the waist, and now the pockets are different distances from the centre seam! I sometimes wear them around the house, but that's it. They weren't my favourites so I wasn't too upset - more of a lessons learned type thing. I agree with you, a new pair has to be pretty perfect in the thighs/top block for me to bite these days! Glad to hear your Balders are working out! It can be a pain to get the fit right but it's so good when you get a pair you love.
  8. Denim Stores In Australia

    I was hoping they'd have the 701's, but doesn't look like it?
  9. Raw for Women

    I think that length looks great with those boots. Like you say you have a bit of breaking, so they definitely don't look too short. Great combo!
  10. Raw for Women

    They look great - it's such great denim, I'm glad they worked out for you! Do they have a selvedge outseam? I've had two pairs and one did and one didn't. I couldn't figure out why - one came from Self Edge originally (no selvedge) and the other I think came from Japan (via Rakuten I think). So I assumed they're just different 'versions'. I have a size 28 that have shrunk quite a bit, so no good for me in the thighs, but it looks like you definitely don't need them! Like you, on paper the measurements looked good - but in reality they weren't anywhere big enough in the legs! They got really slim really quick in the thighs. Never mind! To contribute - my favourite denim at the moment, Momotaro GL-005s. Nice high rise, fairly tapered and amazing blue green denim. Nice denim, crappy pic I got these after my other pair of low rise ones got too small and I was after a higher rise. I think they're my most favourite denim ever.
  11. Raw for Women

    Let me know how you go - I have a pair of Balders that don't fit me, and I'd be happy to pass them on! I really wanted them to work for me, but the thighs were just too small and I can't find a bigger size atm. Tbh I also don't really need new jeans so I'll just keep my eye out. I have too many pairs as well! But mainly its due to searching for a better fit, and you learn something every time you try a new pair I think. One day I'll find the *perfect pair*. ...or I'll just die one day under a massive collapsed pile of denim
  12. TCB

    Cheers, thanks @volvo240thebest the denim is soft already and a bit hairy, I love it. Probably the only occasion where being a shortass has worked in my favour @mandel9000 It's a shame it doesn't come in a larger size, pure luck it fit me!
  13. Raw for Women

    That's interesting - I hadn't checked that before, I assumed it was just the rear rise length which was the issue! I can see what you mean now though with a few of my pairs. I have the Vixens but they were honestly always a bit too small, so the rise wasn't high enough for me to have the 'bunching' problem. With my first few pairs I was trying to get the same skinny fit I had with the stretch jeans I previously owned - just with raw denim. I wear both of my current pairs - Momotaro GL005s and Tellasons - looser than I wore previous pairs, so I don't notice the bunching issue anymore. The Tellasons are a bit roomier around the waist but I always wear a belt so it's not a problem. Have you tried the Flathead Balders at all? Quite a low rise and really nice denim. And I have to say thank you for this - it inspired me to try on a pair of Flathead I've had for a while but stupidly shrank though washing (stupid rookie mistake!). I jammed them on this morning and by the end of today they're doable, hopefully after tomorrow they'll be pretty good. My thumbs might never be the same though
  14. TCB

    My TCB boys jacket arrived yesterday (sorry for the bad pictures, it's been cloudy here). It's a medium and I'm really happy with the fit - it's the only denim jacket I've ever tried on that has sleeves the right length for me and I don't need to cuff! I'll probably wear it unbuttoned mostly, but I can button it comfortably. I love the denim, the selvage on the underside of the placket and the old style patch. Keen on checking out the measurements for the new women's cut! I'm getting into wider leg openings, so a 50s inspired/Marilyn cut could be great.
  15. Raw for Women

    Both combos looks great! When you say you have trouble with them being to convex - do you get bunching at the back, above your tailbone? I get this but just assumed the back rise was too high. I'll have to measure a couple of pairs now and see how different they are. I find sizing stretch pairs tricky actually - I recently ordered a pair of Naked and Famous Indigo x Natural Indigo Slub Stretch Selvedge and they started out perfect (that should have been a warning sign!) and now they fit looser all over than I would like. I'm going to hot soak them and see if that helps. If not, I'll have a comfy 'round the house' pair!