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  1. Hey, just email them about what you are looking for and they'll help you out. Oh, and my advice would be to give as many measurements as possible, eg crotch, thigh, knee, outseam, inseam, otherwise they will be guessing on the other measurements.
  2. Enfin Leve 2017 Collection Enfin Leve just released a new collection with some interesting stuff made with stotz etaproof and other technical materials. They are also offering custome sizing for the jackets which is useful for someone with my build. I ordered some cargo pants in Schoeller Dryskin and custom measurements. I'll try give you guys some impressions.
  3. Would love to hear more detailed sizing feedback and impressions on the J1TS-S if you have time. It does look a little bigger/bulkier in photos that the J1A, if that makes sense.
  4. I see it a lot in streetwear forums, where someone posts a techwear fit and it leads down the path of "why would you spend so much money on a jacket?" or "how could you walk around looking like that?" And no one is really interested in how the jacket functions or the materials. There is a subset that like the aesthetic and nothing else (see the new r/techwear clothing) and you get a ton of fits that completely miss the point. So yeah in short I agree with you.
  5. Yeh definitely will go to Surrender. The techwear options seem like slim pickings in Singapore unless you like Y-3.
  6. Hey there, heading to Singapore in next couple days. Anyone have any shop recommendations?
  7. Newtown station, which has the occasional sniffer dog checks at the station. Definitely wasn't in a suit though
  8. They said they wanted to check my bag for drugs (not exactly in those words) but when the only they thing they could find in my bag that resembled drugs was Imodium (ha!) they made an off hand comment that my bag looked "sus" ("suspect" for non Aussies). They had a sniffer dog that wasn't that interested with me, so I chalked it up to looking like I was on a covert supply run.
  9. Shout out to a fellow Aussie. I reckon I'd be arrested wearing chest covered MOLLE, already got stopped once by the Police with a MOLLE covered bag.
  10. How/where did you add extra pockets and do you have pictures? Would be useful to know in case I go down that route Thanks for the tip.
  11. I was scouring online for an ACG but impossible to find my size (XS). Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks, I'm going for the Apparat next. Looking for a cargo pants replacement.
  13. Oh wow this is super helpful, branespload! What pants are you wearing in each of these pics? (If it is not too much trouble)
  14. Disclaimer: I'm a complete Arc'Teryx Veilance n00b. I recently bought the Isogon jacket and I'm loving it. I'm short (5'5'') but the Isogon runs pretty slim and short, and I am really happy with the fit. Are there any other Arc'Teryx Veilance jackets that run pretty small like this, or is the general rule to size down for Veilance?