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  1. I would say the comfort is about 6ish out of 10. I sized down .5 and feel like I should have went a full size down. I have a friend who went TTS and he says his feet are killing him by the end of the day. IMO if you can nail the size, the comfort would be creeping up to about 7-8 out of 10 if you take Boost as a 10 out of 10.
  2. Was wondering if anyone knew of wide tapered and cropped technical pants, sort of an alternative to the P17?
  3. Guilty as charged. I was determined I wasn't buying anything then boom I am checking out with the kmtrs. I later saw them in person and they quality looked pretty good. The fit may the be killer.
  4. Only saw 6.5-7 at
  5. WTB Long shot but looking for P17 or P23 in Small.
  6. I'm sure that I've read that you have to size .5 down. Don't ask me where though (I don't remember source)
  7. I get you. For me I just think the buckles on buckles on buckles aesthetic accentuates the bad ratios.
  8. This made me laugh so hard. Samhe's bags (and everything else) go overboard.
  9. Does anyone have experience with First Tacticl? I've been looking for a small light carry messenger bag and the Summit Side Satchel looks promising. Link
  10. Hey, just email them about what you are looking for and they'll help you out. Oh, and my advice would be to give as many measurements as possible, eg crotch, thigh, knee, outseam, inseam, otherwise they will be guessing on the other measurements.
  11. Enfin Leve 2017 Collection Enfin Leve just released a new collection with some interesting stuff made with stotz etaproof and other technical materials. They are also offering custome sizing for the jackets which is useful for someone with my build. I ordered some cargo pants in Schoeller Dryskin and custom measurements. I'll try give you guys some impressions.
  12. Would love to hear more detailed sizing feedback and impressions on the J1TS-S if you have time. It does look a little bigger/bulkier in photos that the J1A, if that makes sense.
  13. I see it a lot in streetwear forums, where someone posts a techwear fit and it leads down the path of "why would you spend so much money on a jacket?" or "how could you walk around looking like that?" And no one is really interested in how the jacket functions or the materials. There is a subset that like the aesthetic and nothing else (see the new r/techwear clothing) and you get a ton of fits that completely miss the point. So yeah in short I agree with you.
  14. Yeh definitely will go to Surrender. The techwear options seem like slim pickings in Singapore unless you like Y-3.
  15. Hey there, heading to Singapore in next couple days. Anyone have any shop recommendations?