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  1. On 5/19/2022 at 8:38 AM, silenz said:

    I see you've already found yours but to offer more potential options on top of the aforementioned there is also S-J4TS, J1TS-S, J79TS-GT, J57TS-S, J47TS-GT




    Does anyone here own P34-S and can comment on inseam/lenght sizing on their frame? I currently own a medium P31A-DS and a small P10-S and me being 5'11 with rather long legs they're neither quite long enough for my liking, whilst a size up in either would end up too large otherwise so seeking to hopefully find the perfect next pant I won't have to go any bigger than medium in. Not going by measurements alone anymore as if anything, what P31A-DS taught me is that the ms measurements are not to be trusted.

    The size up will solve your problems and will not be too large. You’re 5’11 you should be wearing large purely length wise- if anything grab your favorite belt and it should work out! 

  2. 22 hours ago, HK007 said:

    P38-AD is awesome. The insulation liner is super comfy, I didn't have the chance to get a P38-DS so I don't know the difference that much besides the side pockets. I have been wearing it for two weeks in November, with temperatures ranging from 5-15+ C, rarely feel hot indoors, never felt cold outdoors. I also noticed the inside-out wearing style reduces insulation level.

    Ahhh that's so awesome you signed up just to respond to me! I really appreciate that. I might want to pull the trigger on a pair bc of this :)

  3. Yo! Was wondering if anyone had some time to form some thoughts about the P38-AD? 

    I love how it doesn't have those cargo side pockets like the DS version does -- looks cleaner. And it would be nice to not have to wear a base layer:D


  4. 4 minutes ago, moneytalks said:

    if there are no holes or delam all you have to do is wash and respray dwr then throw in the dryer?

    I asked if there’s delam and He hasn’t let me know yet if there is or not. But he said it soaks through in the rain. I know about reapplying DWR but fearing for him that it’s worse. Sending to rainypass the best option if there is ?

  5. Anyone know a good place to repair the waterproofness of a J43a In NYC? It’s my buddies piece. I’m not sure if there’s delam or if DWR needs to be reapplied, but any trusted places will help. Even if it has to be shipped out I’ve heard of rainypass as well if anyone can vouch for em. Thanks in advance yall. 

  6. WTS J28-GT sz M . Paid $2350 for my sz L and selling my M
    Sold some of y'all be waffling lol speed it up if you want the ting!

    Only looking for $2100 + shipping located in NYC taking a wee L on this one lol

    WTB: P36-E sz M/L

    J1A-GT 2.0 sz L

    J1A-GTPL duo sz L

  7. WTS J28-GT have a M & L And still struggling to see which one fits me better. 

    Bought the L for $2350 but will sell either the M or L for $2100 + ship located in NYC.

    Keeping the L and selling the M! Sorry to those who hmu for the L :'( 

    Both are full pack and flawless.

  8. Found J28-GT in sz L so willing to sell my sz flawless sz M J28-GT. Paid $2360 for the L willing to take $2,200 + ship for my M! Located in NYC

    WTB: Looking for p36-E sz M/L 

    J1a GTPL black / olive sz L

    J1a-gt 2.0 sz L 


  9. 22 minutes ago, Yan90 said:

    It's sweat stains like on gt pro. Pretty common  problem for -WS fabric. A permanent flaw. 

    Think he’s just talking about the black thread. 

  10. 3 hours ago, brainerd666 said:

    We’re running under the assumption that this isn’t a case of ACR using improper codes, as they did in the past (I also don’t understand what the price of the pants has to do with any of this?), they’ve been on point with the proper codes for the last 1.5 years ime. This is an issue with the UK and EU not playing well with eachother after brexit. ACR is a small company and may well flag an account that refused receipt of an item and potentially caused a headache for them. I’ve seen E ban peeps before for other shit. It’s also kind of shit to put the onus on them to deal with this before checking the import fees situation beforehand. Or just sucking it up and reselling. 

    edit: not trying to throw any shade your way btw @FelixRevolt

    The price of the pants is directly related to the import charge as it is a percentile of the total price. And if I’m spending $3500+ or whatever the price of them two together is and then asked to pay another $1115 I’m refusing delivery. It really doesn’t matter to me personally in any way the repercussions of refusal. Like I asked you before, you paying that ? No ones researching tariff codes or the impact of brexit while feverishly trying to check out and secure something that’s not going to sit. If homie refuses he’ll be fine. 
    I’ve seen other folks refuse for import charge related reasons. They take returns which is just as much of a “headache” for them because that’s what clothing companies do. It’s more of a headache for me to pay another 1000+ $ for something that’s already a lot of money. 

  11. 5 hours ago, brainerd666 said:

    That’s a great way to get on ACR’s Shit List

    So you’d pay the extra $1,115 ? I doubt if he refuses and orders stuff in the future they’ll be like WAITTTTT don’t send that guy anything !!!! >:( That’s just way too much on top of an already exorbitant price for two pairs of pants. 

  12. P38's seem cool, just don't like that H&M Jogger cuff on the bottom. Was curious to see how they look fully relaxed as I've grown away from tapered pants in the past few years. Wish p36 weren't so elusive, would like to see more of how they look as well. Congrats to everyone who have got a new daily-wear pant!

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