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  1. Zipper tab popped clean off, anyone have this happen to their bag? I’ve emailed repairs but no luck yet. Any good diy recommendations, paper clip, string? Lol


  2. 2 hours ago, silenz said:currently own a medium P31A-DS and a small P10-S and me being 5'11 with rather long legs they're neither quite long enough for my liking, whilst a size up in either would end up too large otherwise so seeking to hopefully find the perfect next pant I won't have to go any bigger than medium in.

    34s still crop and taper near the opening so I suspect you’ll have the same problem. Some iteration of a p24 would have more length on them. You probably don’t wanna hear this but I think you just need to belt a L in most cases 

  3. Been enjoying the p39m for everyday wear, m fabric translates well to these pieces, shorts feel lighter than they appear, I like the cut and colour of the 97 but could have used 2” off the arm length. M top xs bottom I’m 5’7”





  4. 11 hours ago, ACRFan27 said:

    Does anyone know if the SP29 will be an oversized waist with a cinch down (ala p30 and p31s) or if it will be a regular size waist.  Are we meant to go by our inseam length or waist?  The new cinchable one sided waist-belt is throwing me off.  

    There is no snap / button closure, it is an integrated belt that just cinches down. Like it was said above not quite as spacious as those other pants but there is room. I’m usually a small in pants and xs fit well

  5. 7 hours ago, hanzen1138 said:

    I also wish it had a hood. Kinda weird considering it does still have hand gaiters for extra protection, which honestly make the sleeves look awkwardly long

    Tried it on today and yea the material works great for a light packable type jacket but the sleeves are questionably long for no apparent reason. I'd like to wear it with the gaiters like I do with the j63 but will probably just end up tucking the cuffs in for appropriate length

  6. 1 hour ago, hentaiyarou69 said:

    Just when I thought the season sucks, E hits us with these.

    Anyone knows what the material of that J68 is?


    interested to hear what people think of the new material on the 38s when they get it in hand 

  7. I find these and blazers in general run long (they do fit like normal blazers) so I take my af1 size (.5 down) if you’re worried about narrowness though tts is fine you might just have some room in the toe. 

  8. 3 hours ago, dixonschneider said:

    Has anyone ever heard of issues of the logo-tag falling of? Bought a P31-DS off grailed and the pants came with the logo-tag stitched on the inside. Asked the seller and he told me he did it because it would otherwise „fall off because of age“ (on a 2 year old pant lol). Also, this was not recognizable on his photos. The pants otherwise look legit and I don’t think there exist any fakes of it, i just think it’s kind of odd and it will of course be harder to sell in the future because the tag is always the first thing you look at for LCs. Or am I too picky about the whole thing and should relax?

    Yup definitely happens with wear - old j4 and new j68pl



  9. 2 minutes ago, msoldano said:

    That's actually around where they sit if you hike them up, a nice sag will have your ankles feeling safe. One of the reason why I sold them tbh, I don't mind wearing them at or below the hips, and that's what I usually do, but didn't like how my ankles would show like this dude lol

    I think the issue is he 6'1" and they put him in a small. Like everyone says around here with drawcord pants size for your height not the waist. I'm 5'7" and the 31s break perfectly at shoe. Shoulda put him in a L probably but they taking styling notes from END 

  10. 6 minutes ago, hentaiyarou69 said:

    > Made In China

    Did they move production to China now? Or is it just the J68? (and possibly the P31, explaining the price)

    Possible, previous p31 non a were still made in Europe and 719 euro vs 736 this drop

  11. 41 minutes ago, DROVES said:

    Does anyone know if(and which) stockists will carry the RAF J68-PL? I haven’t seen it previewed by any shops yet personally, so just curious if it’s a mothership fight. Need to sell some things, but a RAF jacket is on the bucket list for me

    I believe Haven has Raf but not alpha

  12. 9 minutes ago, wexler said:


    Main view [ With J47-GT and P32-S ]

    Bruh...says it right on the product page.


    They're referring to the last image which doesn't have the jacket listed and isn't a 47 if you look at the hood and you can see the holster pocket and cuff details of...a 76.

  13. 6 hours ago, Yardsale said:

    Anyone that owns the J76, do you use it as your main? It's more similar to my J15 that I just sold. I wonder if you can squeeze some of the thicker insulators underneath.

    Yup, my main shell now lined with the 58 or 65 during colder months. I preferred the utility over the j1 both pockets and hood wise. Have the 61 for severe weather.

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