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  1. Those look fantastic. The size charts seem to be different on the same page. The one on the left you scroll down to is a universal 81cm inseam on all sizes, but the link on the right has different inseams depending on the waist size.

  2. Looking at picking up a pair of 50s and was wondering if someone can confirm they are quite stretchy. Pretty sure Tag 34 is for me, but I would need it to stretch to 34.5-35 in the waist.

  3. Good stuff @mpukas. I did an instacop of the same shirt (same size too!). Its so amazing in colour. The Deep indigo/electric blue really pops accentuated by the white and tan stitching.


    I also dig how thick the yarns used are. The only flannels I own to compare are an IH UHF and a Two Moons. I thought I was a snaps guy (I probably still am, but not the dealbreaker I thought). I'm excited to see how this ages too.

  4. Looks great julian-wolf. Love the colorway, and the little change purse is a nice touch. Wish they did a western version with snaps. You buy direct from japaneseselvagejeans?

  5. 7 minutes ago, Geeman said:

    Fullcount appear to be releasing a new R denim? Pre order on their site but little detail. 

    Well, the R is for Rough and it uses and American/Aussie blend. This the first non-Zimbabwe denim they've made?

  6. 2 hours ago, chambo2008 said:

    anyone else really feeling the new Olive Whipcord type 3 jacket?

    And how! I've forced myself to take a break on new jacket acquisitions unfortunately.

  7. 11 minutes ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    2.5" in total meaning 1.25" when measured laying flat? And we talk about a one-wash/shrunken pair and not stretching 2.5" past the raw measurements?
    If the answer to above is yes, then yes, the 13.7oz denim usually can stretch that much.

    2.5" past the one wash measurements and total. Meaning would a 32" go up to 34.5"

  8. Sounds excellent Bobbo. Been wanting a pair of Ooe's for a while but the 02 cut is a tad on the slim side for me and they ahven't done an 01 in a while. Just hoping the post-soak inseam is longer than 33" and more inline with the Saddle Pants.


    Edit - to add: Emailed S&S and they said they are going to be raw with an inseam length of 38"

  9. 5 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    Anyone has some evo pics of the D1728? How is this soft fabric evolving?

    I have about 2 months of wear on mine. They are quite resistant to fading. Just a little bit in crotch and on the back pocket where my wallet is but that's about it. Nothing that pictures seem worth it for. I can attest to the softness of the fabric. The back of the top iron button has developed some rust already which is interesting.

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