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  1. Not really sure what Nike is up to here. But I like it. Not too crazy about the side text "AIR" but certainly an interesting rendition! (The orange ones are cool- If you want to look like a Space Shuttle Astronaut. Which isn't a bad thing..) Lacing will be fun to see what people come up with.
  2. Eying a pair of Flyknit Mercurials on sale- How do you guys like to wear these? I don't really think it's possible to blouse them, but if anyone has any photos or recommendations, I'm all ears.
  3. So which one of you writes for Soldier Systems? Never thought I'd see this pop on here.
  4. I tried, but I look like a total idiot. I don't know if it's just me- but the DAF1s are pretty damn hard to style. When they're fully zipped up and bloused it looks odd. When it's half-zipped with a little play, they're difficult to walk in without them banging against each other. This could also be my stupid body.
  5. For those of you interested in purchasing a pair of ACG pants from seasons past on eBay or second-hand, note that certain pants have different fabric compositions and fabric weights. From what I can tell, the cut is slightly different with a bigger taper on the blue (I think the Nike term is "Obsidian") and with different aglets on the drawstring. Not sure if the Obsidian pants have the super-deep pockets. Doesn't feel like it. (Please note on the OD pair the drawstrings are pulled out because of me- that is not how they should come) Olive Drab pants are 97% polyester, and 3 percent spandex. Obsidian pants are 74% cotton, 24% wool, and 2% spandex. Also feel lighter than the OD pair.
  6. Weird stuff happening over in Brazil. Must have been found in a warehouse or something.
  7. Really loving the color of those tan cargos. (The vent zippers are a neat feature as well) Not a huge fan of the pocket placement, but the raw item doesn't look as atrocious as that one model's styling. Hopefully I can snag a pair. My FW16 pants were a bit large for a large. Might try a medium.
  8. WTB: Medium Acronym Presto in Lava / Hot Pink for a non-stupid price.
  9. Got my ACG Cargo pants in from either some season in 2015/16, not sure. Anyone else have problems with sizing? It seems my body just hits right where I'm uncomfortable in a medium (too tight), but large is a little too baggy for my tastes. Large works for now, but may have to get them tailored or something. Nice pants however, decent build quality, seams are covered. Really like them. Pockets are super deep, and are made of a mesh material.
  10. Anyone got a reading on Nike's ACG woven pants sizing? (From their latest drop, the ones in cargo khaki) I'm 34-35" waist and about 5' 11" - 6ft. Thanks.
  11. Depends on what you're looking for as far as MOLLE gear. I really like Crye Precision, which has a "Smart Pouch Suite", a collection of multipurpose pouches that's good for everything from fragmentation grenades to chew packets. Plus they come in a variety of colors.
  12. Long story short, a lot of celebrities and rappers started wearing Supreme, and along with some high profile collaborations, Supreme turned into a powerhouse when it came to reselling. It seems people are willing to pay insane amounts of money for a hat Tyler The Creator wore. Their products are of decent quality, but nothing to write home about. I guess their sweatshirts are nice. Heavyweight. It's hype- the brand image is en vogue right now. What mainly speaks to me however, is that all of the items that resell for $$$ have the logo plastered all over it, or it's a t-shirt. If you go on their webshop, the nice pieces (in my opinion) for sale are still in stock, weeks after a release. On topic; I'm a little late to the party, but I got my DAF-1s in. DHL sure took their damn sweet time, but that's life. Will keep them on ice till winter. It'll be 95 next week.
  13. Anyone in Germany know if the Lufthansa strikes are still delaying DHL stuff? I know they reached a verdict on it, but I guess there's a backlog. My AF1s are still floating around in the postal ether. USPS says they haven't received them, and DHL "says" they handed them off to USPS. My friend told me: DHL = dauert halt länger. Oy. DHL = dauert halt länger.
  14. Great counterpoints. I guess my example was more on the idea of how price gouging happens and prices tend to deflate substantially after the hype ends. Things will only go so high before people walk away from a deal. In retrospect, and reading @Cairxoxo's comment- "hype does not sustain prices" I agree is incorrect as well- Hype will sustain a certain price, but it will only go so high after a certain period of time. Eventually people will move on to the next hot thing. Maybe I'm thinking too much like a stock analyst but when we see a bump in prices due media spotlight or some other reason (Like a tweet from it's CEO, hi Tesla) it doesn't stay at that price for long. Supreme though, is a strange beast. The company basically spits in the face of it's fanbase yet continues to sell out constantly. Amazing. Unless they do something dumb like go downmarket or start franchising, I don't see the 'preme economy dying any time soon.
  15. This reminds me of a similar situation within the Porsche community, another one of my interests. If anyone is familiar, this was happening with the 911R, a distilled down "pure" and "heritage" 991 (chassis code for the latest model year) that was fairly limited. Allocations were first given out to major players with Porsche, i.e. 918 owners and people with collections that are equivalent to the GDP of a small African nation. Once the cars started trickling in, people were asking insane amounts of money for a car that was 200k out the door from Stuttgart. Anywhere from 750k to 3 million from what I recall. Same goes for the GT3 and GT3RS. What happened? Nobody bought them. A few are now sitting at 600k. Still an outrageous markup, but on par with most limited Porsches. That's the key to this situation or temporary price spike. Not a lot of people can afford a limited edition Porsche. Not a lot of people can afford (or want to buy) an ACR piece. Acronym just happens to be right outside the comfort zone of many people's purchase ranges, in my opinion. Hype may drive up prices, but hype does not sustain prices.