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  1. Just a quick question, how long do you think the Paket will take? I'm hearing between a few days and 10 or so. I've been given a 12 digit tracking number, that only works on the website. Thanks again.
  2. Found this on Youtube. Posted in 2006, now older than 10 years! It's interesting as a newcomer to see how the brand has evolved.
  3. Thanks everyone. I will relay this information. Hopefully shouldn't be too expensive. Maybe I should just write off a trip to Germany as a business expense- hah
  4. Quick question for those of you experienced in shipping: I've got a friend who is willing to send their AF1s to me from Germany. With that being said, what would be the most cost-efficient / safe way to send them via? I assume it's going to cost some cash, but I'm willing to spend the money to guarantee the safety of it. I would like the whole box. Thanks.
  5. All gone.
  6. Lime Arizona / pits of hell Real Estate I used to resell military surplus, and often times I found myself looking at the load carrying gear and plate carriers, and seeing how uniquely functional they are. When every ounce counts, there's a directive to make things as light and as functional as possible. Making yourself lighter, faster, and staying protected from hostile and environmental hazards. I really enjoyed that aspect of it, giving yourself an edge in any environment. Plus the brutalist future look of Acronym really strikes me. (I guess 90s mecha anime had something to do with that) However, living in Arizona I rarely have a need for anything more than a light windbreaker / shell for random rainy monsoon days, I've refrained from buying anything. I just stick with sneakers for now, and I enjoy looking at the technical aspects of those. There's a lot of fascinating technology that goes into a pair of Ultra Boosts or Flyknit Racers when you dig deep. I'm also a sucker for carbon composites and really light weight strong future shit. If I had to pick a car to sum up my tastes, it'd be a McLaren P1. Animal: Sunfish. They're super cool in real life.
  7. Neat. I wonder if a widespread release is soon for us who don't have access to the SubNet.
  8. Spring soon, so that means it's time to pull out the lightweight stuff. First up is the Flyknit Racer in Black / Anthracite. Note that the Flyknit upper is actually slightly grey. Makes the shoe a little bit more interesting upon closer inspection. The Racers are part of Nike's flagship running lineup. They're extremely lightweight, come in a variety of colors, and are really designed for one thing in mind: Running to win. Much like a pair of Pirelli P Zero tires for your GT3RS, these shoes suffer from longevity issues- The flyknit wears out, and from my experience, the upper is prone to breakage. I did an exchange with Nike for a pair after I blew out the toebox, after about 4 months of constant wear. But, that doesn't mean I don't like them. They're responsive, light, and great for sport or everyday wear. The triple black seems to fit in with techninja styling and the shoe offers the latest and greatest in shoe technology. I almost prefer these to my Ultra Boosts. Second. Nike Sock Dart The Sock Dart comes from a time when Nike was doing a lot of strange things. The Sock Dart is one of those strange things. I personally love the design of the Sock Dart. It comes in a variety of textiles and colorways, but retains a unique shape that is an artifact of the early 2000s. The upper is one of the first uses of a digitally knitted upper, and is sort of the pioneer shoe of the current iteration of Flyknit. The silicone strap is also the other stand out feature. This colorway reminds me of the earth tones I see around Arizona. (The sole is substantially tanner than my photo.) While I like the Sock Dart, it's cumbersome to get on, and the front tongue doesn't play well with my anterior ankle. (As seen in the photo from the bunching of the tongue) Plus I don't really know if other people will get it, or they merely think I can't tie my shoes. I'm considering purchasing the Stone Island Sock Dart collaboration. While I don't really have a need for the apparent waterproofing or the aggressive styling, it would be an interesting addition to the collection, as a reference. I'm really liking what Nike is doing these days with their collaborations and technical shoe designs. It may not be Boost or 3D printed, but they are wearable, comfortable, and have a great future / techwear look to them. I hope we see more ACR or Stone Island collaborations down the line.
  9. While perusing my local Nike store, I found a great sweatshirt / pullover / baselayer / minimart robbery hoodie. Here's a stock photo, because all the lighting in my apartment is trash: Anyway, the piece consists of a 69/31 (???) Cotton Polyester blend. No pockets, but it's light and insulates well. The zipper on the side seems to be more aesthetic, but I suppose it helps with ease of donning. The hood is cool- it covers up to about your nose, depending on how long your neck is. Perfect base layer for colder days, and you don't have to mess with an additional shemagh or gaiter. (Plus instant anonymity, a must for any modern world where cameras are everywhere, ala Psycho-Pass ) At 120 dollars it seems to hold good value- it falls just under the ACG price range. Whether it will hold up, is another question. A little bummed I can't get ACG stuff locally, as I really like to try before I buy. Guess I need to move to a big city.
  10. "This release was widely anticipated by both sneakerheads and techwear enthusiasts alike, resulting in the shoes flying off shelves and selling out immediately upon release with many hailing the shoe the best release of the year. Thankfully, it appears that the collaborations with Nike will continue, with another release slated for the spring of 2017." I wonder what this could be. More Prestos? Outerwear? Flyknit Racers with zippers? I hope they restock the Prestos at some point, really don't want to pay resale despite the prices leveling out.
  11. Spotted this TYR Tactical wind jacket the other day. If you're not familiar, this is a variant of the Multicam pattern- It's called Multicam Alpine, and is used for, you guessed it, snowy environments. Looks to be 70 denier nylon (100%) and treated with a DWR. A 40 denier standard Multicam shirt is also available. Might have to pick one of these up, but my complaints are no hood, and sizing seems weird. I'm a big fan of Alpine. Snow camo has always looked futuristic to me, and it's a fresh change from desert tan. (yuck)
  12. Was unable to score a pair of Prestos. I am salty, but that's life. Who the hell knew these things would warrant so much popularity. Maybe they'll replenish stock at some point. Anyone got any info on that? Are these a one time deal, or could restocked happen? Hopefully eBay prices will go down as everyone probably bought to resell, but there's no one to buy them.
  13. Prestos are getting quite a bit of attention. I'm surprised at how big of a deal these are- every sneaker website and instagram page is littered with info. For someone who knew nothing of ACRNM when the LF1s were released, did they have the same kind of hype?
  14. Nike just added the Yellow/Pink CW to their website. Perhaps we'll get all of them.
  15. September 15th seems likely. Don't hold your breath. It's on Nike's website currently. I wonder if all the colorways will be released through Nike or just the Black/Bamboo ones. If that's the case, guess I get to pay out the ass to a reseller. (Fuck em, by the way)