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  1. I won't have a chance to take post-soak fit pictures until next week but here are pre-soak pictures of the unsanforized RFR-004 jeans that I got my boyfriend as a gift, it's his first pair of raw denim, trying to turn him into an addict like me!! Will it work?  


    After soaking, they shrank to the exact measurements of a pair of Levi's 501 that fits him well, except 2 inches longer in the inseam (in the same tag size - 36) which is great, that's why I picked them because the one-wash measurements looked like such a good match on something that already works for him.

    for fit reference he's 6'6" and 190ish-200lb I think?  and basically that means we appreciate the roomy knee and roomy lower leg because the "knee" area of most jeans is actually a few inches up his thigh.  I didn't realize that would happen until the first pair of raw denim jeans I tried to buy him that were more tapered, so I returned those and got these instead, we are much happier with these.


  2. 5 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

    @machine-language where are you measuring the thighs? If you’re just looking for 12” across right at the crotch seam, I’d think most ‘40s and ‘50s cuts should do fine…

    I'm measuring at the crotch but almost all the size charts I see don't quite make it to the measurements I'm looking for. It's a lot more common to see 30" waist with 11" or 11.5" thighs and that ends up feeling borderline too tight in the upper thighs. 12" or 12.5" would  be so much better.

  3. I want to buy my boyfriend some black jeans and he is not only tall but also long-limbed.  So...black warp/black weft jeans with some fade potential that will be 38" or longer in the inseam after washing.....does it exist?

    I see Levi's shrink to fit has a 40" inseam "in theory" but I don't see it in his size and I'm not sure if this fabric has fade potential. Also not sure how much they will shrink.

    I see custom jeans from Williamsburg Garment Company with 40 inch inseams for $400+ ...ok maybe someday ...


  4. 10 hours ago, Double 0 Soul said:

    No not cruel at all!

    What would be 'cruel' is buying him a pair of STF in size 29  tell him it stands for 'Stretch to Fit' and watch him struggle for a few days while you do your best to look heart broken..

    Some time later...........

    "Oh! what a pity"

    "I'll have to chuck them in the wash before i send them back"

    "Oh no! ive put them on a 'hot wash' by 'mistake' and they've shrunk"

    "Y'know? these might just fit me"

    He's relieved, you get a new pair of jeans...everyones happy! ..don't feel bad we've all done it :)

    bahahhahah....this is exactly what I should do :D

  5. Is it cruel to gift raw denim to someone who knows nothing about raw denim? I keep getting urges to see my boyfriend in some really nice jeans.
    And if it's not cruel, then I would like to get suggestions about what would look good. He's a tall guy (6'6"), big boned but slim, and I measured jeans that fit him...the absolute minimum inseam length that wouldn't look like it's too short is 35" but I would prefer if they're several inches longer than that to allow room for shrinking or maybe stacking/cuffing.
    I have urges to see him in something kind of rugged, not the 12oz stretchy jeans he currently wears.
    he fits in Levi's 501 36x36 but maybe something a little slimmer than that? Not skinny though.
    I almost bought rogue territory stanton for him today but hesitated. just not sure. I like the shape of it though and I think it would suit him.

    meanwhile I'm happily (but slowly) fading my Somet 008 jeans which turned out to be the best women's jeans ever even though they're men's jeans. I love them!  

  6. these are my Somet 005 black jeans size 30 that I got on sale 60% off at BIG... I just mailed them off for a taper and hem, I want them to be like a slim straight fit that stacks on the top of my boots instead of draping over the boots towards the floor. so I measured some other jeans that stack just like I want. hopefully they will turn into my favorite black jeans when they come back



  7. I looked all over and now this is my Somet collection :)

    008 (blue) in 3 sizes (27 faded, 28 faded, and 29 new).  28 fits the best and the other 2 are my skinny and fat jeans 

    005 (black) in size 30 which feels really close to the size 28 or 29 008 in the hips and upper thigh, just with a higher rise.  from mid-thigh down it's wayyyy too big for me though so I'm going to get these tapered and hemmed, and then they'll be perfect.  

    I might want to buy: 018 in size 28 or 29 with 34" or longer inseam.  

    for sale because I didn't check the measurements carefully enough: brand-new Somet 003 in size 27 with tags. Can't even get it over my thighs and hips.  I feel like 008/018 is roomier in the upper thigh and hips, and 003/005 is roomier from the knee down. But upper thigh and hip is where I need room, so whoops.


    I also ended up with an almost-new Flat Head Balder in size 31 that fits me perfectly, apparently those shrank so much in the first soak that the previous owner couldn't keep fading them, but they're perfect for me ...couldn't resist that while I was looking. 

    I buy too many jeans geez

  8. 10 hours ago, chambo2008 said:

    Ok check these out, maybe you could find cheaper on yahoo Japan? This is taken from blueowl 


    I actually have momotaro 8005sp in my closet (thighs are slightly bigger compared to 7005sp) ...I don't wear them much because they didn't stretch during break-in as much as i thought they would, but yeah proportionally they are nice for me and would probably work if I could find those in a size 29 or 30.

  9. 22 hours ago, chambo2008 said:

    So what are you perfect measurements?

    the jeans I love the most have these measurements after they're done stretching or shrinking (measured like Blue in Green measures):

    7.5 - 8" front rise, 11.5 - 12" back rise, 32.5 - 33" waistband, 11 - 11.5" upper thigh (thigh measurement is usually the holdup if jeans don't fit me, I'm a lot more comfortable with the upper end of that range and can't go below 11" at all)

    inseam minimum 31" if it's a skinny fit that fits like leggings, 32-36" inseam if it is a slim straight or "cigarette" fit that stacks on top of my shoes even if I'm wearing high heeled boots (like the 008 size 27 does in the picture above), 34-35" inseam if the leg opening is wide enough to cover a high heeled boot and fall down to the floor ...and I always prefer inseams longer than these just in case it has any shrinkage left in it when I wash it 

    Somet 008 matches those measurements so nicely. and so does Samurai Geisha. and Baldwin Ten Skinny.  Flathead Balder maybe...I keep an eye out for that on ebay but usually I only find it with inseam too short.

    Inseam too short, thighs too small, or rise way too high in the size that fits my thighs, are usually the issues when I try to look for jeans. and I've had really bad luck sizing up then getting the waist taken in (got at least 1 pair of jeans ruined that way, they came back looking completely asymmetrical) so I don't do that any more.


  10. 2 hours ago, chambo2008 said:

    Check grailed Think they have some 003 but could work for you?

    I saw that but that inseam is going to be too short for me after it shrinks in the first wash plus the 003 and 008 measurements aren't the same and the 008 fits me like it was made for me....I wouldn't expect the same if the measurements are different.

  11. if anyone wants to sell me used or new somet 008 or somet 018 in tag size 27, 28, or 29, please pm me. I want to stock up because it's so hard to find jeans that fit me this good.  I love how much freedom of movement I have in these but it still looks slim.  I love actually having room for my thighs...and having room in the waist too without feeling them creep lower and lower (which is probably because they have enough room in the thighs).  who knew the best women's jeans on the planet would actually be men's jeans!!

    (and when I ask stuff like this I usually get PMs about other brands or other cuts....the answer would be no thanks, I'm only interested in somet 008 and somet 018)

  12. I wore my previous Taos sneakers to shreds and just got this new pair today to replace them...I love them to bits. they are my work shoes and I'm on my feet all day at work

    I think what I like about these visually is the laces go so close to the toe it makes my feet look cuter. and the color looks good with indigo stains. and they're so comfortable with good arch support.


  13. On 7/8/2019 at 1:34 PM, mpukas said:

    On a guy that fit would be OK, but I think on a gal they're a little too big. They'll stretch out some with wear, and as the denim relaxes and drapes better they might look saggy. I say hot wash and dry them on high, inside out, before you wear them at all to get any last shrink out. Don't wear them until they're completely dry. There's always some shrink left, even in sanforized denim, and it varies. They may tighten up in the hips and waist but they'll stretch out where needed. 

    I think you're right they did start to feel too big after about a week of wear.  But they can be my fat jeans. I seem to change size a lot during a normal month because of water retention and whatnot. and there are some days when I am not able to fit into any of the other jeans that I currently own, except I can fit into these. BIG had them on sale and 29 was the smallest they had. but that used size 27 that I got from Poshmark fits soooo good, so that's the size I'm keeping an eye out for if I buy another pair of 008, or maybe the black 018 (which I really want now that I know how this fits on me!!)

    a couple of days ago I put them a hot water gentle cycle in the washing machine without detergent. They shrank a little but they still feel like they're going to be my fat jeans.

  14. this is a used and faded pair of Somet 008 size 27 that I just got from Poshmark (the slouchier brand-new ones above are size 29). I love them so much. They fit better than any of my other jeans and they're so soft. I did a temporary crotch repair.

    It would be funny if someone here faded these for me!  

    I think I am going to soak those size 29 new ones in hopes of shrinking them just a little....if the inseam is the only place where I get any shrinkage it would still make them a little more likeable.






  15. I want to find a size 28 or 29 Flathead Balder...if anyone is selling that let me know. I still have size 27 Flathead Balder jeans from ebay and they're probably my favorite jeans on the days when I fit into them but they were always borderline too tight.

    This is Somet 008 size 29 which I found in a measurement search tool, technically a men's jean but I love it and it has a low front rise, low back rise,and waist/thigh ratio similar to Flathead Balder...it's satisfying my urge to wear something that isn't skin tight and I love how it stacks over boots 




  16. Somet 008 on a female...it came up in the heddels measurement search tool that these have the same proportions as my favorite discontinued Flathead Balder jeans that are slightly too small for me, and BIG had them on sale so I couldn't resist.

    I'm unsure if I should soak them though because I really like the fit exactly how it is in the hips and thighs and waist....they're just a little long, but heels will fix that.  What do you think?




  17. selling my Momotaro 8005SP size 27 on eBay with week with no minimum bid (auction ends Sunday September 9). They were purchased new from Denimio, worn a few times and not washed.


    I loved these and wanted them to work ...very flattering back pocket placement, and the low rise is perfect for someone with wide hip bones like me.  But they did not stretch anywhere near as much as my other raw denim during break-in, and I don't think my hips are going to get any smaller, so they must go.

    CollageMaker Plus_201892163947415.png


  18. these are my Baldwin Ten size 27 after maybe 1 year of wear and 4 washes


    these are my Samurai Geisha straight leg jeans size 2 which I haven't worn much yet at all, but I pulled them out of the closet...I want to start wearing them a lot more often and see what they turn into :)


  19. I ended up throwing my Baldwin Ten size 27 into a 2nd wash with warm water at the laundromat - because that first wash just wasn't thorough enough to get all of the ocean smell out.  They smell great now.  My 6 month fades became a little more visible in that wash but still subtle.   I am actually happy with how this turned out.  Subtle isn't bad for these jeans. I want to try to get some higher contrast fades with my samurai jeans ... just making a mental note to never allow those to touch ocean water :P

    bonus: they shrank a bit, which removes my temptation to buy a smaller pair of skinny jeans ...now they fit perfectly :) 




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