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  1. Agree that the poncho is sort of silly. Will likely be selling for much less in eBay later.
  2. The pants don't look right to me. The pockets, while probably very functional, make the pants look like they're on backwards. Do think the shirt jacket is cool though.
  3. Hi - I'm weighing my first Acronym purchase and need help regarding sizing the P-24s I'm five nine with a 34 inch waist and 30 inch inseam. I wear large in the Nikelab cargos. Thanks for the help. Lance
  4. Any thoughts on whether they'll re-stock the black Alpine jacket? Thanks Lance
  5. Howdy - does anyone have any insight regarding this Winter's Nike ACG? When, what, Hugh, etc.? Thanks Lance
  6. I got the Lupinek flyknits in all black and love them. Does Nike ever put the Nikelab ACG stuff on sale? Thanks, Lance