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  1. Those who have seen the future and are willing to talk about it, is there any kind of unlined Stotz coat incoming? Maybe even a J46 version? Thanks.

  2. Was just in in Milano and they had a rack of the new stuff. No long coats or the wool stuff. (Some new stuff is supposed to come this week, but the guy I talked to wasn’t too clued up it seemed). Slamjam had fewer pieces but mostly stuff the SISP store didnt have.

    I thought it funny that the SISP presentation in the store was rather diametral to that of Nikelab’s Tech Collection

  3. On 28.8.2018 at 7:56 PM, emenel said:

    Pricing also needs to reflect perceived value.

    While it has nothing to do with the ongoing discussion (and taking sentenences out of their context is problematic), this reminds me of the story about a national alpine equipment importer trying to shop Tilak to stores around the country a few years ago and them all declining on the basis that it would ruin their pricing scheme (set with Mamut/Arcteryx et al).

  4. 3 hours ago, danii said:

    VOLLEBAK Graphene jacket [595EUR]

    I kinda like how it reminded me of J63-PB yet it is complete opposite - value for money, durable.

    And it's reversible too (including pockets) and finally has a two way zip.

    I really like their Planet Earth Shirt (even though it is a bit busy/loud/safari). That material is awesome too.

    Plus they have the best customer service and returns pipeline I've ever experienced.

  5. Come on now, to suggest the difference between collective carry's(?) bags and the interns no waste bags is in any way similar to the difference between the no waste bags and outliers waterfall concept is laughable. And don't get me started about their generic trash video or the actual 'design'. Lets be real, this does not count as putting down "beginners", at least not in the sense it is employed here.

    Do I think the intern could have taken more lightly, especially since he posted the blueprint/construction instruction for his bags (which I really appreciate), maybe; probably. Would there be a fitting thread for this sort of issue, yes > techwear.fail.


  6. @suprastar Going by the discussion I had at their store a bit more than a month ago you'll probably wait the full 12 weeks. I had ordered a sniper bag in 'custom material' before last years end and it shipped pretty much exactly 2 months later.

    They were supposedly swamped and also moving to a bigger manufacturing location withing the city this year.

  7. 3 hours ago, exhaust fumes said:

    The shorts are fine, if a bit diaper-y + dorky in the same way a cell phone holster on an office drone's belt is. Sure. Do what you want

    If for my part am still struggling to understand how you'd access your traditional trouser pockets in the quoted setup, with the slit being in the front and all.

    And why there is mesh material on the outside of an otherwise perfectly good, weatherproof jacket (pocket).

    But The Photostrecke is amazing on said pants.

  8. Much appreciated Jianfeng, good to see the jacket from all these additional angles. That collar looks fine!

    One more thing, if you don't mind; I took out my crayons trying to visualize it:


    (Please disregard the "right side" I forgot about the "lower detached entry cargo pocket".)

    Is there an additional compartment inside the left pocket? And do both those pockets have WS lining? Thanks.

  9. Thanks for your words/images Xu Jianfeng. Would you mind going into details regarding the chest pockets of the J73? From your image it seems like they are segmented into 2 vertical parts? Are there compartments within?

    And I’m still not sure how the vent part works/if its separated from the contents of that pocket, if that makes sense (would rain wet the inside of the pocket...). Thanks.

  10. 3 hours ago, chunglove said:

    Prices high or low wouldn't be an issue if E still made cool shit. 

    Posts like this one make me think of the streaking scene in Old School. And that always gets a chuckle out of me.

  11. speaking of deals: Would like to pass on my "green"/RAF LA5-MP in XL (9/10).


    Preferably in a trade. Your J48-BR or -SS in L for my LA5 + cash.

    Since this seems like a long shot, I'll eventually sell it for ~280 USD plus ~35 USD shipping to the US (insured & tracked) or less to somewhere here in Europe (shipping from Switzerland, unfortunately). More images & detailed condition report upon request.


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