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  1. Saw them in person at SENY yesterday, the fabric is fabulous. If I have more legs...
  2. Iron Heart IH-526J Iron Heart IHSH-131-BC Oni 517XX Viberg
  3. Killer M65 jacket! I've been trying to get one for myself, but couldn't decide on the size. What size is yours and do you consider it tts? Also is this the MJ9115 model? Thanks
  4. Congratulations! Keep it up with awesomeness
  5. I wore the Sapphire slub for one day, and there's already some noticeable wallet fade. This is going to be a fast one.
  6. I have size 34. I gave them a warm machine wash with low speed spin this past weekend, hoping to remove starch and shrink the top block a little bit, and the result is great. It shrinks half an inch on the waist, about a quarter inch on the thigh and one inch on inseam. After hang dried, they feel very rigid and crispy, but I did not have too hard time putting them on, and after a couple of hours of wear, they've become very comfortable. I too have a slight problem with the tight hem. With the length and indigo x indigo combo, I'd like to wear them with single cuff, and that makes it a little hard putting on my service boots. It'll be impossible to wear them with engineer boots, but they should go perfect with sneakers. There's no bleeding for me either, and I enjoy the higher rise very much. All in all, they are definitely one of the best entry level denim jeans on the market like indigoshrimp @mikecch has said, and I can't wait to see how they evolve.
  7. Great review, they should arrive today, can't wait to get back home and try them on.
  8. Great reviews and photos @Babyson and @FeloniousMonk. I also sized up from my usual 34 to 36 whose top block is a little bigger than my likings. So I hot washed them, and even though the waist is still slightly loose, the thigh shrank quite a bit (half an inch) and is now perfect.
  9. Oni's secret denim 546ZR, 120 days of wear, 2 hot soaks. Going to wash and hang them up for a while to participate the Denimio Oni vs. Samurai contest. Zippo fade on the coin pocket is my favorite feature on the pair.
  10. Oni 20oz secret denim 546ZR. Been wearing these for 90 days, 2 hot soaks and 1 initial machine wash.
  11. I'm waiting for the news on the Strike Gold collab too.
  12. wow, so many great stuff from SG, have to check them out in person at NYSE this week and burn some of the tax return...
  13. Thanks for the advice.