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  1. Stevenson Overall Company

    Kiya, ALB gracias señores ALB Looks good i also wear my calistoga comfortable with a belt in the smallest size 29 (i am a true 29/30 in other Jeans) and the slightly bigger waist doesnt bother me in these.
  2. Stevenson Overall Company

    added some great SOC items over the last few weeks, super stoked about everything Deputy jacket Slinger jacket and Visalia pants both in indigo selvage duckcanvas Gambler trousers, killer selvage fabric Calistoga, what a nice pair of Jeans Heartland railroad jacket
  3. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    thanks much goodrain size 38 perfect around chest with enough room how I wanted to have it. Now I have the 36 chambray for a slim trim bit restrictive fit and this one for the fit I wished to have based on the sizing chart for a 36 originally
  4. What about Jeans Jackets ....

    hi goodrain this is my size 36 lot 64, one soak, excuse the dark pix
  5. Vater&Sohn Hamburg- News, Infos, Updates

    get your awesome blackdays boogie tee from V&S
  6. Vater&Sohn Hamburg- News, Infos, Updates

    Yup Sir it will you'll gonna enjoy it, think i know your friend, he looks great in the p ðŸ‘
  7. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    congrats on that latest article on style forum Danny, really need to come back to London soon, Happy Holidays from us
  8. Vater&Sohn Hamburg- News, Infos, Updates

    congrats Vater & Sohn for such a great line up and your great service. Max Power def check out that Pea Coat think you'll gonna dig it or the ballparks hehehe
  9. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    Bobbo same measurements +\- as on page 1 for my size 36 except chest which is actually 52cm p2p instead of 54cm Thank you
  10. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    Thanks Iron Horse, yeah I keep it although 2cm more P2P would be great. The feather necklace is made of ancient mammoth ivory from Alaska by Ewingdrygoods Been wearing the chambray the whole day now and enjoy it pretty much. Been out with my two ladies and now back to a lazy saturday evening still wearing the shirt
  11. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    hi bobo thanks, will do the measurements when I have a minute later yes. after wearing it a bit the shirt gives up a bit, feels good under the jacket so far
  12. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    with my 50s jacket which I wear in a comfortable size 38
  13. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    ok guys after first impression, I really love this thing (buttons are fantastic too) and I will keep it although the p2p is a bit restrictive by approx 2cm off. and a bit short on the side to tuck. but I will rock it in my leisure time with the doggie-dog davitostyle
  14. TCB Ranchman shirt group order thread

    picked up my size 36 chambray, also here chest sizing unfortunately not as indicated on the chart size (I have 52cm p2p instead of the needed 54cm as published) otherwise everything would be pretty much perfect on me. Thanks though Volvo for this, I would like to exchange to a 38, how to proceed? The shirt is really nice beside that. edit: and a crappy fit pic, if I would had the 54cm p2p as indicated this would be supercool, hmmm maybe I keep it though, don't know yet