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  1. TCB

    So I decided to hold on to my 60s. Tried them on today and somehow they looked different. Quick question though... They're definitely too long--inseam is around 36". I was thinking about getting them hemmed, but from reading the thread, I think I can expect more shrinkage on these guys, correct? If they were the one wash version, how much more should I expect them to shrink? In the end, I'd like to end up with a 32.5" inseam. Thanks
  2. TCB

    The rise and the top block on the 60s was perfect. It was the width and the length on the legs that didn't work for me. I feel pretty comfortable wearing wider, classic cut pants, but these were even bigger than my LVC 66s. I also just picked up a pair of Warehouse 660s, which I'm loving, and I guess I'd like a TCB cut similar to those. I imagine some would opt for variety, but right now I'm really digging the slimmer look. Plus, judging by the measurements on the website, I think I can get the one wash slim 50s and just wear them--no hemming, no shrinking, etc. As for the jackets, I don't think there are any measurements for the width of the arms, say around bicep level. That's why I brought it up on here.
  3. TCB

    First time poster, long time lurker... Just got a pair of 60s in the mail and think I'm gonna exchange them for Slim 50s. Has anyone bought those yet? Any comments or initial impressions? And a second question... How does the width of the arms on the Type 3 jacket compare to the width of an original Levi's Big E trucker from say the late 60s/early 70s? I have one of those Levi's jackets, in a pretty deadstock state, and while I love the color and the denim, the width of the arms always feels too baggy and I don't wear it often.