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  1. On 9/29/2020 at 1:29 PM, julian-wolf said:

    Has anyone here tried either of the new Self Edge collab jeans yet? Interested in any takes on the cut, particularly how much room there is up top 

    Looking like I’m gonna be in SF this Saturday; I’ll probably end up swinging by to try them on then ‘cause why not

    Picked up the indigo pair on eBay for fairly cheap. They should be here today. Slightly concerned they may be a tad big, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. 

  2. 45 minutes ago, Niro said:

    They've arrived at stores. Mine should be with me next week

    Yep, received shipping confirmation this morning from 2nd. Hoping they'll be here on Monday!

  3. Does anyone out there own a pair of the 1930 cinch backs with the marbled weft? Really considering a pair, but am unsure on sizing. My past experience with Full Count is that they stretch and are cut a little on the generous side. I'm a 34 or 36 in most brands these days, but can still wait my size 33 1101's.

    Any assistance is appreciated! 

  4. Buddy i need measurements for those s2000 man

    Here you go, dude. S2000-RR tagged Size 35. Flat measurements. 



    Waist: 17.75"

    Front Rise: 12.25"

    Thigh (at crotch): 14"

    Back Rise: 15.5"

    Knee: 11"

    Hem: 10"

    Inseam: 33" (hemmed by 2nd)


    I was worried these would shrink too much, as the waist was a bit snugger than I'd hoped for a size 35. Samurai sizing has been all over the place the last couple of years, especially with their limited and special releases. Gave them a cold wash in my crappy top loader washing machine, and took them out before the final spin cycle to let them air dry. 



    Waist: 17.5"

    Front Rise: 11.66"

    Thigh (at crotch): 13.25"

    Back Rise: 15.5"

    Knee: 10.66"

    Hem: 9.66"

    Inseam: 31" (hemmed by 2nd)


    The waist was definitely a bit smaller right after the wash, but stretched back to pre-wash measurements pretty quickly. Not sure if this is typical for Samurai 15oz denim, as this is my first experience with their denim in this weight. They will never see hot water, ever, so hopefully they don't shrink any further in the waist. Maybe one day I'll post fit pics. Wouldn't hold my breath though. 

  5. Anyone have the Lot 44 Californian jeans? I've been eyeing them for a while now, but am confused by the fabrics & size chart. Some look to be sanforized, and some unsanforized. A lot of the current options aren't even listed on the size chart. I either need a 34 or a 36. I'd love to get measurements if anyone has a pair and doesn't mind posting. 


    Was hoping they'd be 30% off, as they are part of one of the collections listed, but they aren't for some reason :(

  6. Looking to sell my size 35 710-DMO's or trade them for a 36. They're a tad too tight in the hips and thighs for me. Hemmed to 84cms and lukewarm soaked for about 90 mins and worn lightly around the house for 5 days or so. Please PM if interested.

  7. Gave them a lukewarm 90 minute soak w/ mild agitation and wore them most of the day yesterday. They felt a little tight at first, but were pretty comfortable by evening. I'd say there's some stretch there if you need it, especially in the waist. Mine won't ever see hot water and I'll probably hand wash going forward to avoid more shrink. Will post some quick fit pics later.

  8. My size 35 710-DMO have arrived & been tried on. They fit me pretty well pre-soak. There's room in the waist, so not too concerned about that. It's the thighs I'm worried about, as they are pretty much where I want them right now. I'm used to roomier fits (510XX), and wanted something a little tighter/slimmer anyhow. Might give these a lukewarm soak and see how they turn out. The details are insane, and aside from the gold top button, I really dig them. 


    I took measurements, and they pretty much match the new Denimio size chart exactly. 


    Waist: 89.5cm (could be 90cm easily if stretched)

    Front Rise: 30cm

    Thigh (at crotch): 32cm


    Inseam & hem will be off, as these were hemmed to 83cm by Denimio pre-shipment. 

  9. In my opinion, they should have delayed shipment and sent an email to everyone to advise them of the sizing discrepancies.  


    That being said, they covered my return shipping, so I don't really care.  If I had ordered them hemmed, I'd be irate. 


    Agreed. They should have delayed shipment. I only had them hemmed because the measurements they sent me were ideal. Either way, it's their fault. Maybe I'll get lucky, and they'll still fit me ok. 

  10. I had my 710-DMO's hemmed... looks like they just cleared customs in New York, and should arrive tomorrow. Already concerned about needing to exchange the 35 I ordered for a 36. Just reached out to Denimio asking if they will accept an exchange due to the measurement discrepancy. It's kind of jacked up that they updated their size chart, and now a 36 has an even smaller waist measurement than the size 35 quote that was sent around to everyone. 

  11. Do people reckon the samurai x denimo will be on time? Nearing the end of Nov and i am getting impatient


    Me too. I messaged them last week just to see if everything was still on track for the end of the month, and was told that the end of the month is still the plan. 

  12. Rolled the dice and pre-ordered the 3012 from 2nd. Went with a 36 after reading the feedback from others and checking post-wash measurements. I take a 34 in Samurai S510's, so hopefully the 3012's won't be too big. It seems like the 14.5oz denim shrinks quite a bit. Never really messed with a tapered cut before, as I have large-ish thighs. This will be my first TFH anything. Looking forward to their arrival!


    Also... Ben, really dig the pattern on that shirt.

  13. Yeah, we saw the pair in real life - still one of the most beautiful fabrics that I've encountered. That's why I always wanted a pair in that denim. Thanks for bringing back the memories.


    Huh, I begin to get excited now - after all November is approaching quickly.


    Max, your commentary pushed me over the edge. Preorder placed! This will be my first pair of 710's. I've got the 19oz & 21oz 510's in size 34, and opted for a 35 in the 710 cut. Got big thighs, which is my only worry. 


    Hey jean peeps,


    Reddit username absolut696.  Based on that username you probably think I'm a 16 year old, but actually I'm almost double that age and I work for the Government (living in Baltimore)....


    I'm grateful for this promotion because I wanted a reason to buy some black jeans, and was even scoping out the LF BM's a few days before.  When I saw that contest I knew I needed to just pull the trigger.  So here I am, about to be a black jean guy, which works because my style is pretty dark in the wintertime.  Not my first pair of raws, but these may be the nicest I've owned.

    Interests include:  Soccer, flag football, (Sports teams are Ravens and Orioles) my dog Luke (85lb Ibizan hound/Golden Retriever), weightlifting, dark industrial techno music, buffalo wings, paying off credit cards, and finely crafted leather accessories.  I also compulsively bought a playstation 4 recently and have been playing Destiny (and Diablo III) so if anyone plays that let me know, I try to find time during the week to do some gaming.


    I am currently out of town but I promised I would get some fit pics on my return, so I'll post this week.



    Bmore in the house!

  15. I have the 19oz S510, and previously owned a a pair of LVC '47. Both in a size 34. While they had the same waist measurement after shrinkage (34.5"), the LVC's weren't a good fit due to there not being enough room in the thigh. If your LVC 47's in size 34 fit you well, I'd consider a different Samurai cut, perhaps the S710. The S510's may be a bit roomy in the thigh for your liking. 


    If you do go w/ the S510, and you get them raw, consider a 33 or a 34. There isn't a ton of difference in the waist, but the thigh & top block are both smaller obviously on the size 33. I had to sell a size 33 S510 because the top block & thighs were tight enough that they bothered me, but the waist & legs fit just fine. 

  16. Hey beardy

    Here measurements, TCB50's crispy after wash:

    Waist (front and rear rise aligned) 17.50 (it will get to 18 with 10 mins wear though)

    Front rise 12

    Thigh 13.50

    You sized it right, bingo!


    Thanks so much Volvo! I'll keep you posted once they arrive. It does look like I'll be just fine based on your measurements. 

  17. if you measure between 35 and 36 you should be fine. They're gonna be a lot different than the 710. make sure you let us know how they work out. 


    Will do. I've got the 510's, which are a lot fuller than the 710's btw. Thanks for the input, and I will definitely post an update once they've arrived. I just had to pull the trigger after watching all the posts in this thread for almost a year now. 

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