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  1. On 12/17/2020 at 9:08 AM, off-world said:

    Shame how torturous the 5TS and even more so 6TS are to wear when loaded up though. - As someone said on here years back if you need to carry any significant weight get a decent backpack.

    That might have been me:

    On 6/2/2014 at 2:18 PM, phybron said:

    What's the likelihood of a 3A-7TS reissue? The 3A-6TS is great, capacity-wise, but I miss the top handle and one-shouldering a full bag around airports isn't the most comfortable way to travel.

    I still use the 8TS I bought in 2011 all the time, but that's the limit for one shoulder. A full 6TS was unbearable. In the absence of a new 7TS I just ended up getting a Bagjack Skidcat which has been ideal.

  2. 6 hours ago, lehadrakon said:


    Jackets Pants Accessories
    J1TS-S P22-S NG7-PS
    J58-WS P23TS-S 3A-3TS
    J59TS-CH P23A-S  
    J61-GT P24A-DS  
    J62-PB P25-DS  
    J63A-FO P27H-DS  
    J68-WS P30A-DS  
    J84-S P33-DS  


    You have enough jackets. You have enough pants. Acronym mainly sells jackets and pants. Replace if you ever wear anything out. 

    I mean, apart from the glaring omissions of a J1A-GT and 3A-1. Like, what are you even thinking?

  3. Got it. Thanks for the dimensions! I'll check with Bagjack. Since all their stuff is made to order, I wonder if you can request X-Pac as a material. 


    Let us know if you can. That would be great. X-Pac rules!

  4. Actually super helpful, I was looking for impressions as well. As for a Bagjack analog, the Skidcat looks like a backpack as opposed to a small messenger with a handle? Is it the Little Jack that's similar?


    Yes the Skidcat is a backpack, so made a good alternative to the 3A-7TS (also a backpack) and a more comfortable option than a fully loaded 6TS. 


    I'd say the 8TS is the same size as a Bagjack Little Jack, yeah, or maybe even the Pogo. Maybe email them to check. Firmament lists the 8TS dimensions as this:


    height: 29cm/ width: 33cm (compressed)

    height: 37cm/ width: 33cm (expanded)
    in centimeters; approx. values
    EDIT: is the Little Jack the only one with the top handle? Looks like it. Definitely get one with the top handle. I missed that hugely on the 6TS. 
    EDIT 2: I see how my original post was confusing. I meant look at Bagjack for an 8TS alternative, not the Skidcat. But you obviously figured that out so I don't even know why I'm typing this. God I'm annoying.
  5. Has anyone seen a 3A-8TS for sale in the last 12 months or so? Do you have one and like it? I've moved to smaller computing devices and increasingly that bag looks like a winner, but I can't even remotely find one to buy. 


    This is unhelpful, but I have one and I highly recommend it. I bought it in 2011 and still use it all the time. Because it's XPAC it does not develop a stupid patina that, I think, looks horrible. It pretty much looks new still. Good on foot, good on a bike, ideal size.


    I had a 3A-6TS for short trips, but it was too big fully loaded to be comfortable on one shoulder. I changed that for a Bagjack Skidcat XL which is great. 


    I hardly ever see 3A-8TS's come up for sale. I originally wanted the 3A-7TS to replace the 6TS, but no-one was selling at the time. However, the Skidcat is essentially the same thing, so I recommend looking at them for an 8TS substitute. 

  6. [sOLD]


    IC: Olive P9-S, size L. FW1213. Good condition, but slightly shrunk.
    I bought these new ($800) and wore them a bit up until their first wash, where I stupidly took them to a dry cleaner. They came back shrunk by about one inch and they had ironed creases down the front. This made me sad. It was a bad day. I got them to de-iron the creases (you can still faintly see them in the lower leg close-up picture, but not in use), but shrinkage is permanent obviously.
    As an unshrunk P9-S in large is already almost too short for my legs, these don't get worn at all any more. I've kept them several years since the attack of the dry cleaner, but I just wear my black ones or, better still, my P14-CH's which fit much better.
    Anyway, if you are so proportioned that these would make sense, then let me know. I always estimate usage by label wear, so I've included close-ups of the labels.





  7. How are their bags for biking? Backpacks leave my back to sweaty and most bags I sling over one shoulder end up being jolted off my back and end up hanging down from my front and get in the way. Maybe not all but certain models of theirs is theirs are good for biking.

    I've had a 3A-8TS for about four year and it has been great for biking and general use. I lean way forward on the bike and it pretty much just sits on my back where I put it. If I was doing an extra-long ride I would use the connector strap to secure it in place, but I've never actually felt the need to do so before. It's good to have the option though.


    As for heat, it's no better or worse than any other bag. I can't imagine there being a good solution to that. If something is pressed against your skin when you're hot then you're going to sweat.

  8. I either spot wash with a toothbrush and detergent (or dish soap depending on the stain), or barring that I hand wash in the bath tub cold with mild detergent, hang dry.

    Same here: hand wash in the bath tub. I took my first pair of P9-S's to the dry cleaner and got them back shrunk and with a crease ironed down the middle of each leg.

  9. FS - price drops


    3A-MP2TS (green with white zipper): like new, with spec sheet, no bag. $50 $45 SOLD

    3A-MZ1 (limonta): like new, with spec sheet, no bag. $75 $69 SOLD

    3A-WK2: new in bag. $65 $59 SOLD


    All three: $150 SOLD


    Including US shipping. PayPal +4% or F&F... the usual. Pictures below.

















  10. FS


    3A-MP2TS (green with white zipper): like new, with spec sheet, no bag. $50 SOLD

    3A-MZ1 (limonta): like new, with spec sheet, no bag. $75 SOLD

    3A-WK2: new in bag. $65 SOLD


    Including US shipping. PayPal +4% or F&F... the usual. Pictures below.

















  11. so I got my ACG stuff in, what's up with the leg seam twisting around to the front?  sort of the opposite of what I'd want.


    Still trying to grok whether the backpack would be useful, it's fine but seems a little bit pricey vs actualized utility.  part of it is getting used to the idea of all the zippers being diagonal.


    curious if anyone else has thoughts about their kit as I haven't seen anyone comment?


    Most of the chat is in the Urban Techwear thread, as it's Nike stuff rather than Acronym.

  12. What I meant is these products aren't dual-branded Nike and Acronym. Nor are they a special Acronym line for Nike, as you often get with designer brands doing runs in department stores. That's all. I'm not assuming anything.

  13. I got the backpack, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to return it. The size is good, it's comfortable and I like the white interior of course, but I don't like the fact the zips can never be fully closed, the shininess of the thing, and the lightweight-ness. It feels a bit delicate and fragile. Rain is surely going to seep through the zips pretty quickly as well.


    And it's $300. Considering the standard Nike Responder pack is $185 I'm not sure the ACG one is worth the extra. For $297 I'm thinking I'll get a 40L Mission Workshop R6 with Folio pocket, which should actually be waterproof.


    It's worth remembering this is not a Nike x Acronym collaboration. These are not Acronym-grade products, so we (I) should adjust our expectations accordingly. Of course the ACG backpack is not a 3A-7TS mk2. How could it be? This is why it's less good and falls on its face.

  14. Yes.  Sizing down is an option (unless you're a small like me).  I have not seen any post-wash measurements because they do shrink.  I just couldn't pull the trigger on the hope that it would shrink enough to fit.

    The pictures on acronym.de show it post-wash according to the text. 

  15. Think I ruined a pair of P9-CHs over the holiday; made a slow roast pork belly for thanksgiving and stupidly didn't wear an apron. Cue a grease splash that might have defeated my dry cleaners (I hit it with dish soap straight away but not well enough).


    That sucks, but at least you ruined them. I took a pair of P9-S's to the dry cleaners for their first clean and they shrunk them and perma-ironed a crease down the front of both legs. Pretty awesome. The second pair gets hand-washed in the bathtub only.

  16. Question for those who own a J29-GT:

    Can you really pack the hood into the sleeve pocket, and more importantly would it be possible if the fabric was normal GT instead of Paclite?

    I want to get a J38-GT and I'm curious if packing the hood will be possible.

    No, not really. You can get the hood in there, but it leaves a pretty big bulge on your sleeve, which is not a good look on a profile-fitting jacket. It wouldn't be so bad on the normal ACR jackets, but looks dumb on a blazer. 


    I'm not sure about fabric, but it would obviously pack down smaller the lighter the fabric got. It's heavier than the J25-WS, so would work better if the hood was made out of that.

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