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    Urban Techwear

    I've a feeling that Outlier hit the point where the brand's basic concept worked but the business was heading in a direction that wasn't that interesting to the founders. I'm sure the new product a week, or what ever it is, drops and sourcing new fabrics is way more interesting than figuring out how to sell the same pair of pants made from Scholler dryskin day in and day out. I kind of like the weirdness of their experiments, but like many things, that sentiment likely won't lead to my financial support.
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    arcteryx veilance

    Fabric care instructions are there to provide guidance for the proper and safe care of garments . There's allot of laminations and taping in the garments and many fabrics , but not the two styles you mention, are laminates themselves. This means they use adhesive glue in their creation. Glue will become weaker as it reaches the melting point. Adding agitation in a dryer at the same point- is not a great idea. As well, some fabrics can shrink and deform with high enough heat or have their face damaged while being tossed around in a dryer under high heat when they come in contact with other materials.