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  1. edgem

    whats your favorite 10 clothing labels?

    Husbands Paris Wooyoungmi Lanvin Maison Martin Margiela Undercover / Undercoverism Neil Barrett Renhsen Wings+Horns Surface to air Sebastien Blondin
  2. edgem

    favorite video game of ALL time

    Suikoden II definitely!
  3. edgem

    Favorite brands of shoes (not sneakers)

    Husbands Paris Altan Bottier Zonkey Boot John Lobb
  4. edgem

    Most overrated brands

    Shitty brands : Gucci Armani Louis Vuitton Dolce and Gabbana Hugo Boss Abercrombie Azzaro Calvin Klein Smalto Diesel Levi's Lee Cooper Ralf Lauren The Kooples Zadif & Voltaire
  5. edgem

    5 brands you don't like but own

    Hugo Boss Michael Kors Guess Kenzo Armani Exchange
  6. edgem

    worst movies you've ever seen...

    Skyline is truly a shitty movie
  7. edgem

    Favourite Japanese mens label

    Undercover of course!
  8. Nonnative Lad Musician Phenomenon Nanamica Neighborhood
  9. edgem

    Your Top 5 RPGs?

    Suikoden II Star Ocean II Final Fantasy VII Tales of Graces F Suikoden V