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  1. are you kidding? it makes total sense, he's parodying the end user.


    people buying $700+/$1000+ messenger bags and carrying stuffed animals. it's perfect, he's laughing AT us, not with us.

    you're giving this dude too much credit. he just knows how to make cool pockets on jackets

  2. "...ACRONYM highlights its forthcoming apparel and accessories lines in a new short film titled “The Cut.†Set in a dystopian city, the visual features a protagonist played by Emi Matsushima, who is seen waiting around in her minimalist apartment before receiving a number of somewhat confusing phone calls. After getting the final confirmation to head into “A-eye,†she heads out of her residence in a sportswear-inspired ensemble and an aluminum backpack in tow."





    this is getting really embarrassing.



    errolson if you are reading this please stop doing this shit it's not cool man

  3. My stotz jacket wets out, Especially where there is pressure on the fabric (e.g., backpack straps). I don't think this used to happen so much, but i'm not really sure.


    Has anyone had any success with (re?)conditioning stotz?

  4. hahaha why yall niggas be dressin like gothic keebler elf.. lemme help yall niggas out cuz I Know you dont be getting ANY girls with this shit.. damn ok ok. so lemme just start with dis. NO MORE CROPPED PANTS yall be lookin like peter pan with dem shits. alright alright now now listen u need some POLO RALPH LAUREN.. then you need some good jeans like but they cant be knock offs ok? you needs some gotdamn....... truey, robbins, or just some decent levis aight? shoes can be anything but nona these gay ass heeled boots nigga this aint the revolutionary war aight? we already been through all tht shit no more slaves no more whigs. aight aight now now you gon need a clean fade, 3 inches up.. and cut your damn fingernails like shit... got dam how yall even go outside LMAO


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