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  1. thebottomclef

    How do any of you afford this?

    How the tides have changed for me, used to buy oni, alden, etc. Now more into more modern streetwear but the wallet isn't what it used to be. So... menlo house joggers for me saving me money.
  2. thebottomclef

    Mister Freedom

    blouson de quart 10th Anny ordered today, pics to follow
  3. thebottomclef

    WAYWT (denim version) 2016

    Cross post from Samurai... Doria Hat Persol Typewriters N&F black tee Samurai S555vx jacket Noble x Bulleit Denim Alden Roy boots
  4. thebottomclef

    Samurai Jeans

    Haven't had time to take a really good pic of it yet but here's the first of my Samurai s555vx Jacket. It's definitely got a nice heft to it at 17 oz but still pretty damn breathable. Only problem for me is that I'm fairly barrel chested and so I had to go with the 46, which left me with long ass sleeves! I've got em cuffed. Everywhere else the jacket feels great. Looking forward to seeing this one fade. Except now it's getting too damn hot!
  5. thebottomclef

    Samurai Jeans

    So whether it's on his next comment or his most recent one, people need to give mad rep points to Foxy2. Without his help and taking legitimate time out of his days, I wouldn't now have my Samurai s555vx jacket. Picked it up at the poste today and wore it home. Fits great though the arms are long. More details to come. Thanks Foxy2, you kick ass.
  6. thebottomclef

    Pure Blue Japan

    Chubacca, get that shit patched and keep going for sure man looks good
  7. thebottomclef

    Pure Blue Japan

    I had a feeling that was the case. Either way though
  8. Pbj 12 is tiggghhtt taper
  9. thebottomclef

    Pure Blue Japan

    Danny, what about the AI -003?
  10. It's hard to tell exactly from the image what it is. I'm not all that familiar with Flat Head's stuff (only checked it out on a couple of opportunities in person) either, so I can't say if it's a torn spot of slub. My guess is you maybe sat on something with an edge or point that caught a thread or something? At this point it still seems so minimal. I would leave it be though, and if it really keeps getting bigger (instead of just getting a little more noticeable), consider darning the area
  11. thebottomclef

    Studio D'artisan

    Love that duck jacket. I've been wanting to get one myself for awhile, though I've had my eye on the one Oldblue co makes. Maybe I'll have to keep an eye on SDA's instead
  12. Where are you getting the black shadows? I thought those were long gone.
  13. Go back to Red Wing and get their heat moldable insoles. They're a little thick so they likely would be perfect. I wore these insoles in my red wing construction boots every day for a year (doing construction). For someone with bad feet I was in heaven
  14. thebottomclef

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Anyone know about the "Mr. Miura" collector CSF refers to?
  15. thebottomclef

    Samurai Jeans

    ^^^ 25+ oz. denim, cotton threading, Indonesian environment? I think there's a good chance for some popped threads in this guy's future