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  1. -Why isn't the guy wearing pants in the last shot for the LA5-MP?


    So we can speculate on what calibre of undergarment should be used in conjunction with Acronymjutsu. 



    Any takers?

  2. Glad to see Acronym making insulators again. How many years has it been? And some fantastic soft-sells too, particularly J48-SS (how is that not sold out yet?).


    Nothing for me this year though. I'm really after a soft shell or light shell J5/J3 style, like DS-J5 or HY-J3S. Maybe next season.

  3. Just don't impulse buy - you know there will always be something next season.

    Nothing worse than buyers remorse!


    ACRNM is really good with returns. Not that it should be abused, but it's not like all transactions are final.

  4. Looks like they're finally updating the site.


    Not just because of the login screen. My old links to their pages (e.g., www.acrnm.com/collections/acronym-all) no longer work. Also they've given the site a favicon, which it didn't have before. 

  5. I guess I have to give ACR credit (between the lunars/highs and S/S 16 teases) for not just rehashing the same shit over and over again in the knowledge that the usual crowd will buy a jacket with a new pocket/fabric, or random product with the ACR name (cough cough, second ACG collection--gotta pay rent though).


    A good design is timeless. You don't need to invent new products every year to justify producing and selling them. Especially when those products have sold out. It's not always about getting old customers to buy this year's model (cough cough Apple). Sometimes it's just a matter of recognising that there's a demand for your product and supplying that demand by restocking. 


    If there's a design that people want (e.g., one of the ACG items) and there's no stock (the 2-in-1 jacket sold out very fast) I see nothing wrong with selling the same thing the year later. So long as there's no unjustified price hike. 

  6. No pictures, but you can see the names of the 6 versions of J28-K here;



    Careful what you put on your websites guys. Even if you don't generate any links to the pages, Google can crawl that shit.

  7. I may be reading too much into things here, but this



    The top of the zipper rail looks copper coloured, very reminiscent of the styling of the Deus Ex garments. 

  8. Is that bag real? 


    No idea whats going on anymore. Thread is now sekrit klub mode. 


    You can actually make out quite a bit. Looks like a 3A-1 and 3A-2. Also S8-C, S10-C, P10. Can't identify which items are new though (don't know what they look like yet!).

  9. P10 is supposed to bunch around the knee a bit; that's where you want articulation to occur. If it bunches around your ankle it's just dead weight. 


    Acronym doesn't have many sizes; just 4 for pants. If your body type doesn't suit one of those 4 then you might end up with something too long or too wide. What size did you get?

  10. I'd really love to see some lined softshells in the next season. Particularly formal style as opposed to the casual stylings of the J25, J12TS, HD2 and CP2. Something like DS-J5 or CH-J3B. 


    Why lined? I find that lining really goes a long way to helping the jacket fit more comfortably. Schoeller 3XDRY, particularly when worn over cotton, is quite grippy. If it were lined it would be easier to don/doff and move around in. It also stops clothes from picking up lint off one another; wearing a white shirt under a black softshell wouldn't leave as much lint if it were lined. 


    So, I'd really love to see something like a lined DS-J5, or a lined softshell J30.

  11. I think the J43-K might be the lightest, most breathable, Acronym jacket? How waterproof is it though? 


    Lightest would be a WS garment. J29B is 163g, J42 is 197g. If you think a hood is necessary for a fair comparison (I think it is), J43K is 459g while J25 is 226g, less than half.

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