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  1. WTT

    P23A-S Black Large => Trade for Khaki.

    Brand new, unworn. Received wrong colour from store and there's no chance of an exchange.

    Mine is completely new and unworn so I would be most interested in a trade for something in good condition.

  2. Bruh, weapons and armor. Unisex stuff will get tagged with customs differently depending on placket as well. Also, like what 9–10% of the world is left handed? This percentage vitiates economies of scale for tooling/patterning/etc. 


    Roughly 1 in 10 people are left handed but that doesn't mean 1 in 10 people wear their messenger bags reversed.


    Many left-handed people, myself included, use most asymmetric goods in their right-handed configuration because it's easier than not.

  3. Why do lefties need left handed interops anyway? Before I picked up an acronym bag + interops jacket I previously carried my bag on my left side like a leftie. I figured my right shoulder is stronger, and I have grown comfortable accessing my phone/tablet from my left hand (there are various reasons why many millennials keep their phone in their left front pocket but mine is that I eat with my right hand and at the same time use my phone with the left hand). However once I switched to acronym I had to flip it as it's easier for the person to adapt instead of forcing the garment and the world to change. On the other hand, Errolson Hugh is a rebel...



    Fantastic write up and analysis SuE, kudos. I'm left handed but I've worn my messenger bag "right handed" all my life, since well before ACRNM was a part of it.



    –I am aware of the traditional placket orientation, however I always thought that acronym is breaking those old pattern habits (hooded shortsleeve blazer, no hood gtx jacket, no zip gtx jacket, short sleeve gtx jacket, back zip jacket)

    Yeah they break old patterns but not without a reason. The placket orientation that we use today is 100% arbitrary. In almost all scenarios it makes no difference whether it's left or right. If Acrnm were to change it for the sake breaking patterns it would only be for pattern-breaking's sake, which is not something they do.


    I don't think anyone here is trying to suggest that there isn't interest in a left-handed interops system or that your desires are unmerited. They're just explaining that considering the changes necessary and the scope of what Acronym produces, it's infeasible for them to produce such a jacket.

  4. Guys, hold your horses. It's obvious the pricing is proportional to the pockets. The more pockets, or in the case of TS, potential pockets, the more it'll cost. Also pocket volume is considered, so the J56 chest pockets count as two or three pockets.


     Yeah but because of the "detached entry" zips you can't actually fill up the pocket since the opening is too small.

  5. I think the WS is just a copy error. I think that the face fabric is going to affect the visible drape though. I'm not an expert at photogrammetry though.


    Definitely a copy error. There are tonnes of them every season.


    P10A- being described as having 7 pockets rather than 8 like it actually does. Stuff like that makes me not want to buy it (since the text makes me think there's no left-hand phone pocket). Luckily one of the photoshoots on another site cleared up that confusion.

  6. Isn't that really risky for a company to do? I feel bad asking.


    I don't know what the legal ramifications of doing it are, but I suspect as with most things in business their decision to do so is to remain competitive with other stores. Clearly the risk doesn't outweigh the necessity of providing a superior service.

  7. You are talking about homogenized inflation.

    Labor cost on Tilak factory, material costs, etc  increased from 2012 more then 5%



    Retail companies have increased prices more than 5% over the years. Acronym isn't the only brand with a year over year increase in their prices. 



    Well I'm probably being unfair. And it's easy to mis-remember these things. So many variables go into perception of cost.


    Looking back over the last 6 drops what's evident is that it's hard to compare the items, objectively, from one to the next, unless they're re-releases.


    Something which is evidently re-occurring is the P10. We've seen some more variety recently than we had in the past, but the -S is a mainstay. Excepting the newer P10A variant which understandably is more dear, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the one from FW-1213 cost the same price as the one from SS-16! How's that for consistency.


    Outside of something like the P10 where it's the same model, same textile, season after season, it becomes hard to objectively compare price. What's fair? What constitutes 'sameness'?


    But when people say that this season is "more expensive" than previous they're not saying it because Acronym is the only only retailer doing it (because they're not) and they're not saying it because people think that all the other costs involved inproduction are static and unchanging (because they're not). And people aren't saying that Acronym is more expensive because they think it's just as popular as it used to be (because it's not). People are saying it's more expensive now because their perception of what the product costs absolutely relative to their perception of the product's value, has changed.

  8. Its mostly due to inflation, everything was cheaper in 2012.  Also, the brand wasn't nearly as popular back then as it is now.  With the extra exposure and collabs they took the visvim route..... RAISE PRICES!!!!!


    Inflation since 2012 is less than 5%.

  9. For the bigger bags that do have the stabilizer straps, can they work with interops jackets if the bag is pretty empty? Or is interops compatibility more about the bag's strap, not the actual size of the bag?


    I wouldn't recommend attempting to use interops with those larger bags. However there's no harm in simply wearing the bag over the jacket like you would with any non-interops jacket. Interops is an option, not a mandate. 



    Random extra question: The headphones I use aren't magnetic enough for the force lock strip and I don't like apple's earbuds. Does anyone have recommendations of headphones that sound good and also work well with force lock?


    I used to use some stock-standard nokia earphones with force lock. I did find that the magnets weren't quite strong enough to hold and they would fall off rather often. If one of the two buds fell off, the weight of it would cause the other to fall as well.


    However, for the past ~year I've been using Bragi's Dash which are wireless earphones. They also have very strong magnets built into them not to drive audio (which is the usual reason forcelock works) but instead to hold them into their charging cradles. Those same magnets work wonderfully with forcelock and create a very strong bond. The downside is if one does fall off it's doesn't have a safety harness; it's down and out.





    I think you're referring to the 3A-1, not the 3TS, as only the former has the side zipper. Either way, neither have a dedicated laptop compartment, and wouldn't recommend it either unless it's for (very) quick jaunts. Some people here have experienced small holes in their bags due to the laptop corners' constant abrasion. Plus, these two bags are designed to be more anatomical (i.e. follow the curvature of your body) so that they sit more flush/hidden (which is what makes these bags ideal for Interops). Put a flat solid object in there and you eliminate its ability to "hug" your body. It performs much better with smaller items if you want to use it with Interops. But if you're not going for Interops, go ahead and throw a laptop in, but be aware that it may damage the bag eventually. And not just any laptop will fit--search this thread to find people's experiences with what does and doesn't. That said, these two were not designed to be laptop bags.

    I use mine as a laptop bag. The easy solution to this problem is to just use a case for your laptop. Keeps the bag and the laptop from abrasion. Mind you, my laptop is on the smaller, lighter side (12" Surface Pro 4) which means it's more comfortable than many standard laptops would be.

  10. Since when do we plus rep sale posts in this thread? Is this one special?


    Sorry lads! I keep a bookmark for this thread next to my bookmark for the sales thread. I clicked the wrong one and wasn't paying enough attention.


    I'll move it over to the other thread.

  11. They did it on the right arm instead of the left, they think they're fucking funny.


    Semi-related: I wish Acronym did balance their left- and right-sided pockets a little more evenly.


    The J47A-GT is one of my favourites of all time, but one problem it does have is that almost every pocket is designed to be accessed by the right hand.


    Of it's 10 pockets, 8 are right-hand access. Makes it terribly difficult to use efficiently.

  12. Hey guys,


    These are for sale, this is sort of an IC and based on what's hot I'll come back with some pics.


    • P14-CH - L / Black (used, great condition)
    • J38-GT - M (used, great condition)
    • LA4-BR - S (used, great condition)


    All with bags, tags, spec sheets.



    Hugs and kisses

    Banjo Kazooie

  13. I am NOT the resident ACR sizing expert but I have can say without a doubt that the J25 is the slimmest-fitting ACR anything I've encountered. If it fits perfect I'd say your size is definitely L


    Just a warning to anyone reading this, WS-J25 doesn't fit the same as J25-SS. SS fits much wider around chest, waist and arms and longer through the body. Though it could be said that the sleeves are the same length.

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