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  1. Not sure if it's just me but anyone notice they changed the ACRNM site so that you can drop down a list with all the available sizes on the checkout page rather than try them all and keep getting the red "Sold out". Much nicer - lets see these returns coming!!



    Yeah, I hate having to put it in a cart before I can see the price and available stock.


    Plus that "sold out" behaviour actually prevents you from selecting certain colour/size combinations (it's a bug in the system, I've already let them know).


    Not a very well designed site, in my professional opinion. Form over function. Flashy instead of finished.


    EDIT: Looks like the bug has been fixed. Good show!

  2. Final price drop. Prices include shipping from Australia. Items must be sold soon or removed from market. Finances urgently required for the purchase of balloon animals.

    SET-3, Small: €430

    Like new, worn only thrice.

    All components present, including bags and spec sheets.









    Size comparison to Medium P14-CH. The SMALL P8TS-X is wider in the waist than a MEDIUM P14-CH.




    J38-GT, Medium: €650

    Like new, worn only a few times.


    All components present, including bags and spec sheets.




    PM me purchase orders or** pictures of kittens*


    *Pictures of kittens will be treated as commitments of intent to purchase and must be signed and witnessed by notary.


    **Purchase orders without pictures of kittens will be processed disgruntledly

  3. Just noticed that Firmament has updated it's site and the old faithful Acronym archive is no more. None of the old links from Google to Acr pieces on Firmament work.... it's like history is being deleted in front of our eyes....



    Wayback to the rescue!


    Don't forget guys, any site which has been "taken down" is probably still out there.





  4. p8ZtMk8.jpg


    Doesn't mean much.


    They might have 100x units of P10-DS ready to ship and 10x units of S16-WS.


    One selling out before the other doesn't mean it's popular.

  5. I don't know if eVent is better that Goretex, but I've sold my j47a-gt because of the exterior branding and i won't buy a goretex acronym jacket again because of that.

    Because spending €900 on a jacket is fine but €2 for scissors to remove the lable is an extravagance.

  6. P10 are essentially Moto pants, they're tapered exactly like they're supposed to be. They show the Zips open in product shots but I've never seen anybody wearing a pair not zipped all the way.

    They're VERY comfortable.



    I won't zip them up if I'm wearing them over a boot. Also depending on the shape of the shoe I'm wearing.

  7. a softshell t-shirt? wow

    i'm wondering  what could be the B variation for the J1...


    it seems if's not this week ou the next so



    S16-WS? That would be a hardshell t-shirt if it's windstopper active shell.


    It also functions as archival indexing software, providing context on past releases


    As soon as a product is sold out they erase every trace of its existence.

  9. Well, shit. I thought techwear was safe.


    first of all do not think that sewists at acronym are cool young dudes wearing only the brand. sumperk s a small town with few job opportunities, few years back l saw local ad seeking sewists, you would surprised how low the income was if you convert it to western currency and from point of view of a western people.

    second, take a look at this jacket it's tilak skardu, that you can buy for 200usd. tilak is designed by acronym team and some patterns are the same, the skardu is in fact GT-J17 that did not retail for 200.

    the point here is that yes even on low prices you can make a profit and it might be very little money for western people but really something for someone else living in more poor parts of the world.

    check the label everytime l guess even non typography freaks can tell the difference.



    It makes sense that people would try to make knock offs of it, for the same reason people make knock offs of Rolexs, iPhones, and designer handbags.


    These products are expensive enough that there's a market of people who would be interested in purchasing an inferior cheaper imitation, and there's nothing about it that's technically so sophisticated you can't reproduce it (and save some money using inferior materials in the process).


    By "expensive enough" I mean that there's a large enough margin between the cost of the real deal and the cost of a knockoff that people would consider it. No one is going to buy knock-off levis; you don't save enough money to justify it.


    By "not so sophisticated you can't reproduce it" I mean all you need to do is buy one of them and take it apart and you can cut more units with the same pattern. Then if you want to turn a real profit just do the same thing with all the materials; knock off zips, knock off Gore-tex, and cut corners with production and QC. Who cares about a poorly-sewn seam or a logo that peels of when you're saving 800EUR on a jacket, right?

  10. Hi Guys,


    I bought a J-47GT recently and I'm thinking about replacing the olive zipper/puller with something black or grey. I understand this will make it void for resale but I prefer a greyscale aesthetic, has anyone here thought about doing something like that before? Am I being a total idiot?


    I did it with my J47A-GT.


    Replaced it with one of the previous-gen velcro zipper pulls that I had spare.


    Just untie the current pull and keep it somewhere safe. When you want to resell the jacket, just tie it back on.

  11. Acronym's patents and designs are protected, but it's not our responsibility to stop people from infringing upon them.


    Acronym doesn't protect their intellectual property by hiding their products from the world. They protect their property by filing lawsuits against people who do infringe their IP if and when they produce something (like Guici).


    If showing someone a copyrighted design was the same as reproducing a copyrighted design then none of use would be allowed to talk about acronym, or post pictures of it to places like this, or even wear it in public.

  12. Probably.  It's basically a gold mine for other, larger design houses to copy (paging Gucci).  If you decide to pursue this, it should be private (i.e. PW-locked), IMO.  But that raises the issue of who is the gatekeeper?




    I doubt anyone is able to create a gravity pocket from just seeing pics of:

    -zipper on sleeve

    -phone sticking out of sleeve, held in palm


    aka I don't find it a goldmine forr counterfeits, but it's important topic



    Yes, exactly.  Errolson has also explicitly stated in an interview that the whole reason for subnet is not for any sort of faux-secrecy, fun, or branding, rather out of need to keep their pieces "underground" until production is actually done and the pieces are ready for sale because they are competing with houses with huge coffers (and infrastructure to match) that can easily take a design that ACR will release in a few months' time and push it out before ACR does, effectively usurping ACR's releases.



    I just want to throw a little bit of logic here to douse this fire of misinformation before it gets out of hand and people get worried.


    subnet is to protect Acronym's future seasons from being counterfeited.


    This should really really go without saying but once Acronym releases a product it's not a secret anymore. If Guici or anyone else wants to know "how gravity pockets work" they're not going to be thwarted by a lack of online pictures. They can just buy one of these things like the rest of us.


    I don't think anyone here is proposing creating an acrhive website which includes next-season's pieces in it, this is solely to capture information about past-seasons which has previously been publicly accessible anyway.


    I can't believe I've never bothered doing this but look, here it is, an archived snapshot of ACR-SS-11 from the official source


    And finally, Acronym does reserve intellectual property rights to all the imagery they produce. However, I would not think they have a legal precedence to claim infringement on what we're proposing to assemble (fair use). 


    I already have a ACR-SS-DB website coded:)

    I'm curious Danii, what does that stand for? Acronym-SpringSummer-Database? I was thinking of calling it acropedia actually...

  13. forget 3A-1 for that much stuff. I have 3TS (which si the same size minus the external pockets) and I hate carry gym clothes in it. If you have 13'' you can fit it in portrait mode, you can attach the bottle to the D-ring with a carabiner but it's not for swift moves (you can fix it to TS with extra strap, but the 3A-1 has no TS).


    Maybe it's me but I prefer empty bag to fully loaded.



    I'd agree with dani on this one. 3A-1|3TS is a funny kind of bag where certain sizes and shapes of items fit really well, and some others don't. The most I've ever hauled in a 3A-3TS at once was:

    • 12" Laptop
    • 5x bottles of beer
    • A5 Notebook
    • 2.5" HDD
    • Laptop charger
    • Box of sushi
    • Keys
    • Computer mouse
    • misc computer cables.

    I didn't carry the things for very long, just bought the beer and sushi and took it home. I'm really glad it fit, and it fit well, but it was the absolute limit for a 3A-3TS bag and not very comfortable.




  14. New Chucks from Nigel Cabourn look a bit ACRNM-esque



    Don't mind that upper at all, but doesn't really blend too well with toe cap.


    It's a nice concept but needs to be paired with a boot rather than an old school sneaker. It just looks too, anime.

  15. So whatever happened to the Laminat L2 accessories?


    They sold the 3A-3TS and 3A-5TS with pictures of the 3A-MP1 and 3A-MK1 but I don't ever remember seeing those go on sale.


  16. Can someone post some detailed pics of the 3A-WK3 Magnetic-Dock Belt Adapter? Like how the fabric is attached around the fidlock magnet? And how the straps are attached?

    These are the pics from Firmament but I need some more details:


    I'm busy with some DIY customisations and trying to recreate it.


    Without drawing up a technical illustration for you (don't have the software installed ATM) I can tell you that the elasticated strap which covers the fidlock unit is not required. It's only there as a "safety mechanism" to stop either the device becoming detached by accident or to help prevent theft.


    In either case, I've been using a jury rigged DIY one myself for a number of months now without the elastic strap and I've had 0 problems with it. Pics here.

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