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  1. Cheers Charlie, I am doing well. Still scouting the net for stuff like this. Thanks for the timeline on these. I’ll try to get more pics of these when then come. They are 32x32 like Maynard said. 



  2. 15 minutes ago, Duke Mantee said:

    But of course that’s not to say we can’t appreciate a really well made boot. There’s an art in that in itself.

    For sure, I would just personally sacrifice a bit on finishing in favor of increased research & development on the last, design, & the historical component. It's easy to spot a maker who is creating designs off of a modern repros and photos vs one who has actually handled a vintage pair. One isn't better than the other, it's a just personal preference.

  3. Duke I agree with you about the laser perfect stitching. Overall design & shape are much more important factors to me. There is obviously a standard you should expect from a pair of higher end boots, but if you look at vintage boots none of them have perfect stitching.

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