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  1. I once emailed acronym for a replacement zipper pull extension and was sent an email telling me to send the jacket back (with me paying for postage) so they could "fix it" (i.e. me paying over $50 for postage so they could do something in literally seconds and ship it back to me) - this was literally for the velcro zipper pull extensions they had pre fw16 (they've since replaced them with cheap ribbons).

    Needless to say I emailed them back saying that they could just send me that velcro zipper extension and I'd be happy doing it myself and was only met with radio silence.

  2. 56 minutes ago, cyrilcyh said:

    Need help on Acronym jacket sizing  

    I am 180cm tall and 66kg. Should I get size small or medium for a J1A-GT?

    Thanks and appreciate for any insight.


  3. Down insulated, GORE-TEX® 3-layer, hooded jacket with an articulated spiral sleeve and an abundance of storage options. A new addition that offers a shorter length, waterproof down jacket.

    Size S. Fits TTS.

    Worn sparingly. Excellent condition. Comes with garment bag and tags. No damage whatsoever.

    Asking: 900USD shipped to the continental US/Canada.





  4. Selling '73 Folk (Veggie) 7 Hole Boots size 9.

    Tried on, basically brand new. Comes with tags and dust bag.

    Asking 950USD shipped to the continental US/Canada, would also trade for a size 8.5 US in similar condition.
    Save yourself a couple hundred and spend it on food or something. Also willing to take reasonable offers as it's Christmas season!




  5. 1 minute ago, RemarkableArmor said:

    Doesnt the order confimation normally come in within seconds though? It sounds as if they can still cancel it after that...

    Order and payment confirmation emails are separate... I used to get payment confirmation a couple hours after order confirmation but today it was instant


    8 minutes ago, Jun.H said:

    I have contemplated buying some items off the site but changed my mind right at PayPal checkout. I've received an email 30 minutes after, too:

    "Dear ____,
    we regret to inform you that your pending order with the ACRONYM® online shop has been cancelled since the payment process was not successfully completed."

    I suspect this is why some items ocassionally appear in stock again - people not completing the checkout process. If you got an order confirmation you should be good, I think.

    That might be it - I was checking the prices of different items in CAD and didn't actually pay for any of them. Sorta relieved, I guess!

  6. 1 minute ago, RemarkableArmor said:

    Ive never understood this (i do it the same way) but people talk of needing to put the balance in paypal first for more success...At what point does the cancellation come - after the payment confirmation?

    Yeah, really strange - it came about 30 mins after payment confirmation.

    1 minute ago, Jun.H said:

    The cancellation email might be because you didn't finish the PayPal checkout the first time. Did you hit place order more than once?

    I definitely didn't - I even got the payment confirmation e-mail. Not too sure what's going on.

  7. Anybody ever linked their bank account to PayPal and pay through the ACR site that way? I have more than enough sufficient funds yet Acronym sent me a cancellation email but the charge already showed up on my PayPal account (I suspect the actual debiting of the bank account will occur within the next 2 business days). Never had this happen before and of course, no response from their e-mail either.

  8. Noticed that some of the seam tape on an old Acronym jacket was peeling - what's my best option to fix this myself? Don't see myself sending it all the way to Berlin and waiting a month for what seems to be a rather simple fix - there's just a lot of seam tapes out there and I just wanted one that would match what's already inside the jacket.

  9. 1 hour ago, vir2L said:

    For 3L yes, and it doesn't remove all of it. It can reduce it but it's still there.

    How would you go about doing so? I'm well aware of using tech wash and all but do you just literally soak the jacket for 3 days straight and in hopes that it comes off?

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