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    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    See this post : https://tcbjeans.myshopify.com/pages/how-we-measure
  2. Collin

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    @volvo240thebest Thanks for all the organization. I'm definitely participating with the jeans from Switzerland
  3. Collin


    Their whole business model is based on fu**ing customs ...
  4. Collin


    I was speaking about inseam length, not tapering or altering the fit. Thanks for pointing that out so nobody is surprised when the time come
  5. Collin


    Yes, we'll be able to register our desired hem in the registration page while paying
  6. Collin

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    @Kit Carruthers Nice fit over there !!! OOE 01 ?
  7. For what it's worth he's alone managing a few different operations : Europe brand representative of Resolute and Fortela, Denim repair and alteration product, owner of a denim shop and a denim brand ! If it's your first time trying him out you won't be disappointed. His denim alterations are definitely the best in Europe and USA (except if you can convince Roy to alter your pair). Only a few makers in Japan would be at it's level.
  8. @cmo Yes without any problem. He's a little overwhelmed with demands atm. Don't worry you'll get your jeans back. I would trust him with my most precious garments.
  9. Collin


    I spoke too fast hehehe. Thanks for the gigantesque update. We really appreciate it and thanks Ryo, Hajime, you and the TCB factory crew!
  10. Collin


    Dang! Beautiful details and the repro seems really nicely done. I can’t wait to have more view on the fit. On that subject, Ryo took some Instagram story while Hajime was shooting the complete tux today!
  11. Collin


    This is exciting! Thanks for all the infos
  12. Collin


    OrSlow 105
  13. Collin


    Make sure to turn them inside out. And be easy on the dryer. Better do it a couple times safely than ruining them with big white marks on the first time. In my experience it shrinks onewash even more
  14. Collin


    Have you eventually tried to hot machine wash and dry ? They would stretch back a little bit but would definitely shrink more
  15. Collin

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    I'm trying to locate a Type 3 Suede jacket from Joe Mccoy's in brown 38 ( https://www.realmccoys.co.jp/catalog/products/detail.php?product_id=3703 ) but couldn't find one. I've emailed a couple of seller and searched everywhere. No one has it in stock. Any hints or have you seen one ? Thanks
  16. Collin

    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    I've checked my pile today. As of now here every denim I got .... OOE Yofuketen OA01 OA02 3x Warehouse 800 800xx 1001xx 1003 10th anniversary Incoming are both of the 25 anniversary model Boncoura Boncoura 66 2x Boncoura XX Resolute 710 711 Visvim 01.2R brown selvedge 01 red selvedge Samuraï S5000VX 17oz old arcuates The Flat Head 3005-A 15th anniversary Stevenson Overall 767RXX 737RXX Denime Orizzonti 66 LVC 1966 Cone Phi Phi02 Orslow 105 2x 107 FullCount 1108 13.5oz. Roy Indigo Lover Previously had but sold because I've outgrown them : APC PS, SEXI23 (SelfEdgexImperial), Stevenson 767, Resolute 710 2x, TCB 50 2x, TCB slim I must be forgetting some but it's too many anyways.. Woups!
  17. Collin


    You take into account the shrink but not the stretch ! Generally unsanforized and raw jeans that are washed (by you) or one wash jeans stretch back to almost raw measurements (. I would advise you to take the exact same size as your 900xx. I'm a 31 in warehouse for their 800xx 1000 1001xx 1003....... If you are planning on buying the 1001xx on Son of a Stag, definitely email or phone them as they can help you choose the best size.
  18. Collin

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Definitely the pair I'm wearing at the moment as I try to wear a pair at the time. So either my 1 year faded OOE OA02 or my 4 months faded Visvim.
  19. Collin

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Yeah sorry, definitely go for 34 waist. Plus the frequent washing will prevent over stretching. Trust me. I’ve gone from 31 to 32 and now 33 on the 710 (and it’s the 31 which fit me the « best » on the waist, not tight but just right. But the extra space sizing up gives is irremplaçable. No more troubles after washing, more comfor, better fit on thighs... Etc.)
  20. Collin

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    Yes! A couple more centimeters seems to be an apprx rule for all onewash pair I’ve experienced (Resolutw and others). I think @andrew_ could go 33x33 or even 33x32. Going to a gemming service is also an option if you have worn your jeans, just make sure to wash and drye once before choosing the definitive length
  21. Collin

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I think it's a great fit and the perfect size in "width". Inseam length is really more of a personal liking. I think this length would be perfect for a double cuff. A little bit too long for single cuff. Resolute one wash, in my own experience, don't really shrink more in width (they only come back to initial one wash measurments after being stretched then washed). On the other hand, my Resolute one wash have lost another 1cm in the inseam after 1 wash and 1 machine dry. Try the double cuff to see if you like it. IMO don't size down waist size. Return them if you wanted a longer or shorter pair or go to Superstitch Paris (if your in France and Paris, as you bought it on Beige) and get them hemmed. He uses the same thread as Resolute (as Hayashi is his threads dealer)
  22. @Broark @julian-wolf Thanks for your input. I’ve gone ahead and pre ordered the John Lofgren on their website.
  23. @MJF9 Thanks for your input ! I've tried the RMC back in Tokyo but none of the size fitted me unfortunately. I think John Lofgren would be better made overall with an higher attention in the Q&C part. I also like the GYW construction better on this boots and the "flat toe" construction. In the other hand Viberg has a more rounded shape and the sole is particularly good looking. (I already have Viberg service boots in CXL brown and I'm pleased with it). Hard to choose If anyone have or had both, would you please let me know what you liked/disliked on the two different pairs ?
  24. I would like to get another N-1 boots in a near future to remplace my OakStreetBootmakers. I'm debating on a pair of Viberg Boondocker VS. John Lofgren M-43. I'm more into the John Lofgren because it's GYW and Vibergs are stitch down but at the same time I prefer Viberg Boondocker shape. Any advice or useful opinion ? Viberg : John Lofgren :
  25. Collin

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    @Max Power It's good! But I think you could easily size up to have more room in the thighs.
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