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  1. Acronym.

    Has anyone noticed the pants have different sizing from earlier seasons e.g. pre-2016? I own an older P17-S and it is a sz L. In the waist measurement, it is actually the same as a 2018 P23A-DS sz M. I do not think the difference is because of the materials... For the P17/P23 styles (extreme large waist), I suppose it wouldn't matter much, but I believe the same "difference" exist in other pants like P10/P24. Can Anyone verify? It is especially useful to know when we order "over internet" as sometimes we just order by the same size of an older item, thinking it would fit the same... (Non-ACR references: Nike ACG line in recent years, the pants have gone a size larger than before. Similarly Supreme gears)
  2. visvim s/s 2013

    Just tried on the Cochise boot. Head's up to people - it runs around half-size smaller than Grizzly. The leather is hard and not sure if it can soften as time goes. But the construction is incredible. What color do you guys like most? In real life the Burgundy leather shines (in a good way), but you can't go wrong with either brown colorways.