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  1. found an old photo of my ns. size 25 so they obviously don't fit anymore. made in tunisia

    i have a pair of pns now, but i don't really like them


  2. On 7/15/2020 at 4:47 AM, Broark said:

    Seems like they did a cleaner job on the tab stitching than other pairs in the past.
    Good to know that I'll be able to unpick it on my pair without it fraying too much.

    frayed tabs are my fetish :cool:,i wonder how many others like them. it's annoying how difficult it is for most tabs to fray naturally tho...

  3. 1 hour ago, el padre said:

    I'm 179 and 75 and short arms (i am aware I'm not selling it well here) and short torso and big arse and thighs and skinny calves and long legs.

    I never find the height / weight thing much use to be honest cos so much depends on how the weight is distributed around the height. Feel lost without a good set of measurements to obsess over.

    it's just a guideline. are measurements always accurate? ime no. and if you size down for shorters sleeves to accomate shorter arms, well naturally the shoulders and chest wil be narrower. etc

  4. 4 hours ago, Coolguyzack said:

    A Japanese domestic brand's medium is very different from say... a Tommy Bahama medium.

    I'm also skinny and tall, so I don't scale well with most size runs. Like at Jcrew I'm both a tall small and a slim medium lol

    but what would you be an xs in? i'm only 175cm and i feel like most size S in ("fashion") american brands are already on the short side


    2 hours ago, el padre said:

    Yeah it's weird, now I know what I like things to measure, I think I find it easier to get it right buying online, than I do trying something hurriedly in a shop.

    i'm 175cm and ~59kg and i'd feel comfortable buying most things in M/46, even from brands i'm unfamiliar with. some things would fit better than others but in general i think it would all "fit". i don't think i've tried something on in a store in a long time lol. i've never "needed" to size up to L+ unless you count shrinking things...


  5. On 5/3/2020 at 6:41 PM, superfuture said:

    @Serge the entire internet could disappear one day which is why i still write a diary with a pen. anyway be assured that everything that has ever been uploaded to superfuture since 1999 still exists and is backed up... but obviously third party links there is no control if those sites close.

    i guess if images were somehow scraped off and re-uploaded then we would still have them but that's not something anyone has time or resources for, given millions of images have been posted on here. if there is someone who wants to help do a book and document it in hard copy then there is still time. chances are superfuture will still be around for decades provided i don't get rona or alzheimers and lose the passwords.

    i'm still optimistic about the superfuture ;-)

    delete everything except for answers to sizing questions

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