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  1. On 5/3/2020 at 6:41 PM, superfuture said:

    @Serge the entire internet could disappear one day which is why i still write a diary with a pen. anyway be assured that everything that has ever been uploaded to superfuture since 1999 still exists and is backed up... but obviously third party links there is no control if those sites close.

    i guess if images were somehow scraped off and re-uploaded then we would still have them but that's not something anyone has time or resources for, given millions of images have been posted on here. if there is someone who wants to help do a book and document it in hard copy then there is still time. chances are superfuture will still be around for decades provided i don't get rona or alzheimers and lose the passwords.

    i'm still optimistic about the superfuture ;-)

    delete everything except for answers to sizing questions

  2. probably the same, but some threads (eg the what are you listening to thread) when you click on the time of the last post to go to it/the last page, it'll take you to some random page instead. only some threads though. latest chrome/dunno what firefox win 7/8/10.

  3. for the macbook, I could imagine many more people would use third-party headphones

    again, based on what? the most logical assumption would be that more people are using bt speakers, especially when you look at the sales numbers

    i loved os8 so i would say the entirety of osx has been shitty. ios10 still has bugs that have been around since beta...

    i liked the 12" rmb though

  4. I know a bunch of people who really only hook their phones up (don't even have to do that anymore) to their computer.



    don't need to? but also because you can't without an adapter


    Old USB is the way of the past right? Everything is going to be USB-C in the future... it's definitely a bummer right now but at some point companies are going to have to suck it up and move with the times, apple is just doing it earlier.

    so you agree with removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iphone? yet somehow it's still on the mbp

  5. I think its hilarious that you guys are worried about macbook reliability. macbooks are far more reliable and better in built quality than the vast majority of other options out there. 


    out of curiosity what other laptops have you used?

  6. i read through the whole topic and most of the list are already in my lists,


    i just wanted to ask if somebody has more hidden preference. 


    BTW my interest is art / photobooks



    maybe you know these











    nitesha which is online but i guess you can make appointments










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