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  1. japan :: tokyo :: general

    watarium museum basement has a section on art books, photography etc.
  2. japan :: tokyo :: general

    chill days sound like a good idea for sure. seem to be some cool hoods along chuo line not mentioned in superguide that id like to wander around for a few days. on the latter note, how hard would it be to meet girls in tokyo as a 24 y/o azn dude? i go out with a new girl about once a week or other week around here without having to really go outta my way. most ppl's first guess is that im japanese, but that wouldnt fly in japan when they realize i only know basic phrases. maybe get a kpop cut before i go and aim for the koreaboos? god bless the korean wave.
  3. japan :: tokyo :: general

    gonna be exploring tokyo mostly solo for 3 weeks from late october to early november. got an airbnb somewhere between roppongi and omotesando. if my math is right i got about 200 usd budget for transportation, food, drinks and shopping per day. not sure what the right balance would be in terms of spending on food/drink/clothes/other i got tokyo superguide but its just a long list of places, some of which im interested in but others not so much. foodwise looking for the more value japanese places with meals under ~3000 yen?. no seafood (except fish), no nuts either for drinks, i mainly drink local craft stuff, so would be down to try some local brews but also down for cheap drinks in general. in terms of stores, already plan on checking out stuff like nepenthes, kapital, facetasm, cdg, uc, kolor, sacai, cosmic wonder, efilevol, minotaur among lots of others. also interested in select used shops like ragtag. looking for some chill clubs other than clothes, probably look to get some decent commuter earbuds, pair of shades, stationary stuff, skincare stuff, and a decent sized pack to hold stuff i buy. these are things i want to get near the beginning of my trip that i want to use throughout my whole stay.
  4. Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    For sale: black Nike ACG Trainerendor Mid in size 9 US listing is here .
  5. lets talk cons...chucks, jacks anything...

    Sounds like you could use some colour in your wardrobe. I have these too and the midsoles at least definitely get dirty fast. Not sure about the terry yet, but I'm sure that does get dirty too just not as fast. I try to keep mine relatively clean tho since I like the near-white look to them.
  6. Cool belts for small waists (28 in)? Couldn't find any recent posts.
  7. Ma·ri·jua·na

    extreme q is comparable to volcano in terms of vapour quality, if you like using the whip, I guess thats one plus to the extreme q. I remember hooking it up to a bong like jayrock mentioned, very smooth. I would probably go for an extreme q over a volcano especially if price matters to you. volcano does have a bigger bowl though if youd rather pack some fat bowls, maybe about twice the capacity. also extreme q parts are glass which means you have to be a bit more careful with it. another one ill mention is the herbalaire, vapour quality comparable to volcano or extreme q, and maybe a bit more efficient, a very small amount goes a long way, if you care about getting the most out of your flowers. if you're looking for something stealth and portable, pax is probably best in those categories but doesnt have nearly as good vapour production and taste imo. I personally use an arizer solo but portability on that is kind of bad because the mouthpiece is glass, taste and vapour quality is good though. its really easy to torch it with a healthstone if you arent experienced with using it, the key is to heat it up to that perfect temp range which has a bit of a learning curve. Vaporgenie is a lowtech vape that works in basically the same way.
  8. Houseplants

    Succulents in general are pretty hardy plants, little maintenance required. Just keep em in a room that gets decent sunlight and water once in a while when the soil is dry. You can keep them outside too but I just leave mine indoors all year because I'm too lazy to move them when it gets too cold. I've forgotten about my echeveria for over a month without watering before and it keeps on truckin after several years of abuse and a mild mealybug attack.
  9. Ma·ri·jua·na

    Some nug shots here, taken some time in 2011. These first two pics are of an unknown strain. Smell was very reminiscent of grapefruits. Felt similar to other grapefruit I've had, kind of heady and cerebral while still giving munchies. Leads me to believe it might have been grapefruit, but I don't know for sure. Another unknown batch. Smell and taste was great, sweet like some sort of tropical fruit. Felt like a sativa dom, with more energetic stimulant-like properties. A bit leafier than what I'm used to, but for about 6 bucks a g, I ain't complaining. Some sour d here. Most likely some east coast diesel because it wasn't very fuelly like most diesels I've tried but very citrusy. Another nice, cerebral feeling.
  10. Urban Techwear

    Isaora now 40% off with ISA-BLACK-TURKEY. Might pick up some merino baselayers at this price.
  11. Ma·ri·jua·na

    Bumpin with a pic dump. These are old pics going back to '09-'10. I don't get through medicinal, and the source changes often so strain genetics get lost in transition. I'll try to get some newer, higher quality pics when I'm feeling less sluggish. These here are some sort of dense hybrids. A nug of some sativa dom. More herblike and spicy. (potentially kali mist?) Some sweet smelling hybrids (probably like a jfruit or similar).
  12. Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    Made years ago while dicking around in photoshop while baked.
  13. what drugs are you ingesting today?

    The loosest definition of drugs is any exogenous substance that affects the body. If it wasn't made in your body, it can be technically called a drug. That being said, I think most people are talking about pharmaceuticals or recreational drugs when they refer to 'drugs'. Started taking some nootropics. Should be about a week or so before the racetams really kick in. Drugs of late: Daily or almost daily: multivitamin, 250 mg x 2 pramiracetam, 750 mg aniracetam, ~ 200 mg l-theanine, ~100-200 mg caffeine, 1.2 g soy lecithin, 3 mg melatonin, 100 mg 5htp, 5 g magnesium creatine chelate. All taken orally. ~0.1 g cannabis vapourized and inhaled. Every once in a while: ethanol, mdma, lsd, psilocybin, nicotine. Want to try: dmt, mda, 2c's.
  14. Urban Techwear

    I think size.co.uk is getting them shortly as far as online retailers go. I was originally planning on getting black timbs this winter but I think I might pick up the ACG mids along with a pair of wheat timbs for some variety in my winter rotation.
  15. Urban Techwear

    The fabric is really interesting in person. Look and feels great, never seen or felt anything quite like it. I don't own anything of theirs but I've heard from people (mostly from styleforum) who have that the water repellent properties decrease with wear around areas of high friction. After a few months those high-wear areas start to soak up water. Somewhat disappointing to hear since I like their designs and the material is really one of a kind. I think the point of these jackets isn't to be impermeable to the elements because they age really fast. I think the point is to let them get to that destroyed, distressed look. If you're looking for something to really protect from the weather I'd look elsewhere unless you are really sold on the look.