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  1. HeadPorter x HAVEN Mil X-Pac Laptop Messenger Bag ONE SIZE

    Brand new, unused, and still in original packaging 
    It's currently on sale for ~$371 + $22 (shipping) = $393 USD on Haven 
    Yours for $350 or your best offer 
    My loss is your gain. PM me if you have any questions


    HeadPorter-x-HAVEN-Laptop-Messenger-1_2048x2048 (1).jpg

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  2. I'm selling a pair of Slim Dungarees in black that have been hemmed to 30 in. The waist size is also 30. I'm selling these because they're unfortunately a bit too big on me and i also just purchased a pair of Climbers.

    I've worn these, on average, about twice a month for the past two years and they are still in good condition- i'd say an 8/10. I've washed them ~2-3 times with woolite dark.

    I'm based in Los Angeles and I'm looking for $130 OBO. PM or e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions or interest!



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