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  1. yuppie

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Update: 6~7 months in (0 washes) I've only been freezing the jeans every so often in big freezer bags for a few days at a time. Thinking of doing a wash soon. As you can see in this shot, I'm going to be getting a couple holes underneath soon. I'm not sure if giving them a wash will avoid this or if I'll just have to get them repaired eventually. Can't say enough good things about this denim. I'd like to know more about how it's made and where it comes from. I'm really enjoying wearing these everyday.
  2. yuppie

    Super IT

    "IT" can cover a very wide range of trades within the industry. Right now, I'm a Systems Administrator for a private internet service provider (ISP). We specialize in long-range wireless internet access. In this position, I've learned a lot about networking (Cisco routers), FreeBSD (pf, ipf & coreutils). Most of the time I'm just resetting email passwords for customers or opening up ports and websites on firewalls. But, I make a decent salary and I've learned more than I have at other positions. Before that I worked for a major snow-shoe operation where we legally sent out massive amounts of spam email as targeted internet marketing campaigns. I learned a lot about CIDR notation, DNS and rDNS, SMTP, Excel and Data Analytics. I have no degrees and no certs, but I really want to get my RHCSA and/or RHCE. Thinking I should start with the LPIC-1. As said above, degrees essentially mean nothing if you have experience and in many cases experience is preferred over credentials. The CompTIA A+ is basically going to establish that you know the difference between a USB and Ethernet port. Security+, Network+ and Linux+ CompTIA certs would better suit you if you're looking for a decent paycheck. With that said, Linux, linux, unix. Get into Linux and use the command line as soon as you can. I have friends that are SysAdmins / DevOps for big companies that make $150k+. Programming is very cool, wish I would have gotten into it sooner. Programmers get paid big bucks too. Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C++. I'm teaching myself Perl right now. A lot of people will tell you not to, but Perl is: Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to read and very flexible in what it can do. I mainly chose perl as my first language because I like the way it looks, I like the history behind it and I like the fact that you can easily bang out a small script, use it as a one-liner on the command line or write huge programs consisting of thousands of lines of code. Perl does it all. Mostly, you've got to find what you're interested in when it comes to computers and focus on that. Teach yourself everything you can about it, always be messing around with it. Windows / HelpDesk / Support will only get you so far and only pay you so much. Linux / DevOps / Programming will get you on the cutting edge, doing real stuff and raise the bar when it comes to salary.
  3. yuppie


    Just make sure you're on 10.10 and use dark mode. You can get really technical and use something like NerdTool and there is lots of stuff out there to customize your mac, but I'd recommend keeping it as simple as possible.
  4. yuppie

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Thought I'd post my Stevenson La Jolla 727's I picked up from Self Edge LA on January 3rd and have been wearing since the 5th. This is my second serious pair of raws. My first pair being Naked & Famous x Blue Owl Japan Heritage 2. ( 1 year, 1 wash. ) The guy at Self Edge was so helpful and provided an excellent customer service experience. Forgot his name but big ups! Was told to do a hot soak, inside out, for a half hour before wearing, which I'm glad I did. The jeans shrank up real nice and what started as a good fit became a perfect one. These jeans were stiff to begin with (which I like) and then after drying were even more stiff. LOL. After the first couple wears, they started to break in nicely. The material, texture, color and fit of this denim is incredible. All the little details like the curved pockets, star rivets and selvedge ID make these jeans quite unique. 10/10 would recommend to anyone into a mid-weight tapered fit. I'll be wearing these relentlessly this year. Can't wait to see what these will look like by the end of 2015.
  5. Why can't I post a new topic in the FS section? I got a pair of jeans I'd like to sell.
  6. yuppie

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2012)

    Meant to neg? Nobody likes those shoes. That's fine. I'm still developing my style.
  7. yuppie

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2012)

    what kind of Momo's are these?
  8. yuppie

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2012)

    what jeans are these?
  9. What's everyone think of these J-Crew's? http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/denim/484/PRDOVR~18975/18975.jsp I'm looking for some new raw, selvedge jeans and J-Crew's 484 is the only fit that I can base my sizing off of. I like the way they fit and I'm curious about other stuff out there as well, like Momo, Samurai, Skull, Nudie, N&F... What stuff fits like the 484 Slim?
  10. yuppie

    Naked & Famous Denim

    Saw another guy with a Keen avatar. It was my favorite game growing up and sometimes I throw a DOS emulator on my PC just to play Commander Keen 4 again. Best game ever.
  11. yuppie

    Dior Homme Denim

  12. yuppie

    What are you listening at right now

    Lively Up Yourself Bob Marley