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  1. Too bad your venture did not work out. I'm still wearing my wardens and going a strong 10 months in them. Good to see people worldwide are getting more interested in Sage.


    You should post pictures!

  2. no problem! keep us updated if you order something!


    Will do.


    What is the Elbrus you referred to earlier? "...my adventures into the Elbrus did not work out..."

  3. Awful photo, but topical. Today's Toyo uniform:


    Buzz Rickson Beanie

    Buzz Rickson Pea Coat

    Buzz Rickson Chambray

    Sugar Cane Belt

    Sugar Cane 1947

    Lone Wolf Socks



    Yes, but what underwear?


    Kidding. The peacoat is excellent. Hell, that whole fit is legit.

  4. Well my 710's came from BiG today.  Out of the box this denim looks rad.  Much more slubby than my Momos and my IH634's, and im very stoked on the texture.  Cant wait to try them on after work.


    Lets get some pics

  5. How would two hot soaks effect the fading process of barely worn 710xx's?

    Found a pair for sale my size that were soaked twice


    There should be no issue. If they are a good price, get them.

  6. Also heard someone on reddit say he was talking to Gordon and he is thinking of putting hidden arcs on his 710vx due May


    Hidden arcs would be a huge incentive for me to buy from BiG.

  7. Probably about 1.5 months in on this shirt, love it. But the top button hole started to frey, and now the stitching is actually separating from the denim. Karl said he would take it back no problem and fix it.




    Shirt is looking dope bro.

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