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    Information sponge and vintage picker.
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    Photography, film, marketing, and visual evaluation.
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About Me

Older heads will know me from the Ebbetts Field Flannel debacle and rightly so. "Don't bite off more than you can chew."

Younger people around these parts may know me as an Acronym, Veilance, and Softs.to devotee.

To anyone meeting me now, I am primarily interested in domestically produced vintage goods. I have identified them as a finite and shrinking resource that, the way the industry is currently going, we cannot replicate and will not seek to replicate in the future. The United States has given up on being a major clothing manufacturer and/or stupidly given away everything of value. From our machines, to our specific mills, to the supply chain things are not as they once were. Talk to anyone over 50 and they remember a time when paying more got you more for your money. Think about if you have ever felt that way, and how much you had to spend to feel that way. That is why I do what I do.

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