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  1. BronsonMax

    1st World Problems

    Just bought a fresh pair of APC New Standards and my mom machined washed them....
  2. BronsonMax


    Whoa...who said racist...read the posts. Dude said I got a sympathy rep..unless that wasn't targeted at me.
  3. BronsonMax


    Ranger fan til I DIE!!! Russia SKA...
  4. BronsonMax


  5. BronsonMax


    I played Pokemon Red version for 3 days straight...I am about to really jump back to that life.
  6. Hey for the red wings can I get a pic of the sole???
  7. BronsonMax

    edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    What is the brand of your bottle opener???
  8. BronsonMax

    dovo dating club

    To everyone on this dovo dating club thread I am going to tell you what a true pimp told me. His name was Apple Jacks he told me one day while I was on the 5 train to the bronx (These words of wisdom will let you go far in any conquest of yours be very careful). He said,"Treat a princess like a slut and a slut like a princess." It works all the time. I am now dating and about to marry, a millionaires daughter with theses words. I treat her like a slut everyday of my life and she Luvs IT! *PIMPIN*
  9. BronsonMax


    Fuck Bitches Make Money!
  10. BronsonMax

    worst streetstyle

  11. BronsonMax

    1st World Problems

    I can't find a way to beat this card http://magiccards.info/query?q=!hermit+druid.
  12. BronsonMax

    shit you hate

    The worst are the sellers at those small stores, I feel the whole industry sucks them in to being D-Bags. I use to live in a mall town upstate NY, and woodbury commons would have high schoolers believe their only goals at life is to be a cashier at True Religion. Their reason for believing in this maddness is because the company is going to grow, but real life how many dudes make it from retail to corporate? I feel that is unheard of.
  13. BronsonMax

    SuperMeetup NYC

    Whats going down for End of World Parties?
  14. BronsonMax

    Saving Money

    That is not bad. I am going to have to investigate, I am getting tired of NY. I need some heat in my life. NYC is looking like a disaster zone lately hurricanes, flash floods, and Mayor Bloomberg. Houston may be a nice change.