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  1. I turned down the temp on my hot water heater, 160* F is hot enough to steep green tea
  2. Wow, I must have an unusually "hot" water supply. Using a thermometer, I tested the temp of the "hot" setting on my washer and it was 160* F or 71*C Can this extreme temperature damage the jeans
  3. hello do PBJ Raw jeans need to be hot machine washed like the flat head to see maximum shrinkage before wearing??or just soak?
  4. does the 510xx have a higher rise than the 710xx or is it only the taper that is different
  5. Well I am curious as to if the taper is around the thigh/knee area or more around the hem... I am 6'3" and sometimes my knee protrudes into the lower section of the jeans so I would prefer the taper to end more towards the hem if ya see what i mean
  6. is anybody rocking to 3012 model ?? seems like a rare one... I need the high rise though
  7. inside out??
  8. ^ Well.. I have this front loading washing machine and Im not sure if that is going to cause them to get twisted like you would see normal garments.. Has anyone used a front load washer
  9. Will 2 separate hot soaks (at least 100*f), heavy agitation by hand inside out, separated by hang drying get all the shrinkage out of the 14.5 3xxxx denim? or will i have to go for a third. I dont want to use my washing machine.
  10. Can anybody comment on the cotton on the current lot of 710xx? I had a pair of these back in 2013 and remember them being literally perfect... not sure what lot number it was back then... just looking to see if samurai has made any major changes
  11. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/2nd/item/sj-s710xx19oz/ Does anybody know if these are One-washed or raw? From "2nd" on Rakuten
  12. which japanese denim company produce jeans with the highest rise?
  13. can you cold soak unanforized denim its entire life span including the pre soaks to minimize shrinkage and preserve as long inseam as possible or are they gunna shrink all the way ???
  14. Does anyone know if the 710xx 24oz are still available?? Im looking for a place to buy them online
  15. BUMP. Still have these and would like to see them go. Hit me up.