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  1. C0LE

    Rogue Territory Jeans

    thanks! I plan on having them hemmed by blueowl very soon
  2. C0LE

    Rogue Territory Jeans

    got my RK ISC's today! They're great. thanks for selling them to me, Jac!
  3. C0LE

    FS: Rogue Territory RK ISC - 29

    interested in these but I won't have the money until after christmas, think you could sell them to me then? I might be able to get the money sooner, if I do I'll definitely contact you
  4. second pages of solely bumps, prolly a lost cause but... bump
  5. C0LE

    Hair Products

    Haha pretty basic advice, but right. I'm definitely not looking forward to the awkward stage. I'll prolly end up slicking down the side and back with wax until it's a good length. Should I get my hair trimmed now, considering its like 5 inches on top but like one on the sides? Idk.
  6. C0LE

    Hair Products

    Okay here's what my hair looks like now: http://instagram.com/p/RY8A0jFuty/ I want it like this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_6ljkpo3Nri0/TD7SamgmN4I/AAAAAAAAAUU/7jBQxVvQXyU/s1600/christianbale0108.jpg How would I acheive this? Cut/best product/how to grow it? Any suggestions/tips? thanks. Sorry I couldn't embed the pics, wouldn't seem to work right