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  1. Tops

    Jil Sander Python print t, condtion 9/10 size m, $400/€296

    DH Hedi Slimane t/w print, conditon 8/10, size l, $190/€140

    DH Hedi Slimane t/w print, conditon 8/10 size l, $190/€140

    Rick Owens Archive 07 t/w print , conditon 8/10 size s, $190/€140

    Rick Owens long-sleeved basic t, condition 8,5/10 size l, $200/€147

    Acne rare Handpainted knit, conditon 8/10 size s, $400/€296

    Acne black soft shirt, condition 8/10 size 48, $190/€140 . Acne white silk shirt, condition 8/10, size 48, $200/€147

    Acne pocket t, condition 7/10, size m, SOLD!

    Acne black boxy cut tank, condition 7/10, (few holes) size l,SOLD!

    Acne ADV tank, condition 8/10, (few holes) size m,  $110/€81

    Acne splash shirt, condtion 9/10, size slim 48, $110/€81

    Acne humble tank, conditon 8/10, size s, $90/€66

    Acne tank, condition 8/10, size m, $80/€59

    Acne fleece hoodie, condition 8/10, size s, $190/€140

    Number (N)ine rare paisley shirt, condition (6)7/10 - (misses some buttons - easy to replace), size 3, $300/€222

  2. CCP tornado in cordovan black/10 size 6 or 7 from 2009 season only! 

    CCP white/urine drips in size 6 ore 7

    CCP dead end WIM suit-jacket in black/10 size 46

    Damir Doma silver earrings

    Guidi 788Z in red reversed 42/3 

    Raf Simons Pyramid jacket 

    Rick Owens Neoblister Geo jacket size s

     Rick Owens cropped swingers xs (only black!)

    Rick Owens strutter basket shorts

    Rick Owens unstable t white

     DRKSHDW S/S08 angel t, black M/L

    Rick Owens tank tops black/white m (older seasons!)

     Rick Owens 08 Dunks in white/black 41 


     Acne black coat, condition 8/10, size 48, $400/€296

    Acne leather vest, condition 8/10, size 50, $600/€443

    Acne jumpsuit, condition 8/10, size 50 $400/€294

    Acne Wall Street jacket, condition 9,5/10, size 46 $500/€367

    Acne cropped denim jacket, condition 8/10 size s $350/€259

    Number (N)ine grunge peacoat, condition 9/10, size 2, $300/€222

    ​Number  (N)ine vest, condition 8/10, size 4, $400/€367

    Number (N)ine black sheepskin vest, condition 8/10 size 4 (fit xs-l), $600/€443

    Number (N)ine vest, condition 8/10, size 5 (fits xs-m), $350/€259

    Ann Demeulemeester floral vest, condition 8/10, size s, $600/€443

    Undercover ethnic leather perfecto rider, condition 9,7/10, size 2, $2100/€1551

  3. ^^

    Have you tried the freezer method??


    Throw it a large ziplock bag , tape it shut for extra  security then leave it in there for a day or two..

    Hang outside to get warm again.

    theory is the freezing kills the germs and the breeze outside blows them from the garment


    I did it with a satin dinner jacket once that was smelly of smoke and it worked really well..

    Dunno if it will work for leather.


    If it doesn't consult a leather cleaning specialist especially because it's a lamb that has undergone some work..

    Maybe the folks at RO can help out?

    They are always really nice with my girl when she tries to locate something or  has sizing q's..


    Regarding the help your gf gets from RO - Can they also help you out with finding older Rick collections if you're looking for something specific?

  4. just got my pair, sizing up, shouldnt have tho, the waist is a bit big , good with belt but make some fold. otherwise all the rest is good,

    Should i maybe put them in hot water + dryer so the waist will shrink a bit or fuck it ?

    edit ; fuck off just gonna take them to tailor the waist a bit.


    Should i maybe put them in hot water + dryer so the waist will shrink a bit or fuck it ?


    I wouldn't suggest It, that's just like pissing in your pants - it only work for awhile and then it's the same again.

    You're right by taking them to a tailor, wear them well and never wash them!

  5. Price drop!


    Givenchy BRS - gone

    Acne shirt - gone

    Acne vest - gone

    Acne jeans - gone

    Guidi boots - pending - almost gone

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