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  1. I shouldn't rewatch old favorites from way back when. In high-school I thought this was the shit, now it's just ... shit. Terrible 90s stuff and corny dialogue all out, even the stunts are not up to par. And watching Jet Li trying to act in English is just too awkward.


  2. yeah i generally go for dynamic stretching before, then a bit of dynamic and a more static after.

    any suggestions for running specific headphones??

    I got these water resistant Sennheiser. The frame around the back of the neck holds them in place very well, and I hardly feel them behind the ears even on longer runs. You can rinse them after use. The only drawback is the volume control, which is too heavy and bulky, but I usually detach it.


  3. ^ wish it was available in Canada, you can watch all criterion movies on Hulu.

    what Kurosawa films would you guys recommend? I've only seen Ikiru + Rashomon! I know.. Seven Samurai? ... what else?


    saw this, thought it was only ok.

    I'd say you've got to see Yojimbo, and maybe Ran. And after that maybe Stray Dog for a non jidai-geki.

  4. xCZxVDu.jpg

    Better than I expected. Psychoanalysis-heavy like Oldboy, but a bit more straightforward. Manages to play it safe and at the same time still keep it interesting enough. Also got a bit of a weird exaggerated Americana-thing going on, like it's Park's first vacation in the U.S.

  5. I felt like that watching Spain in the last Euros, especially because they didn't play a real striker like Villa.

    That said, I think Barca have enough variability and individual talent to keep it interesting. I just finished watching the Milan match and it was gripping stuff, although partly due to the appaling defending form Barca.