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  1. re Old-boy remake:


    in my opinion, the Korean film, while it has some superfluous and goofy stylistic flourishes, adds a surprising depth to the parental/filial guilt -theme that is at the core of many Asian films. 


    Spike Lee used to be an alright filmmaker and I actually like Josh Brolin in the role, but I just detest the shot-by-shot US-remakes. It's obvious that Hollywood is starving for new material - there's only so many comic book and toy-franchises to turn into blockbusters - but remaking a film 1:1 with Western actors is just cynical.

    If it's already been done just appreciate it and leave it alone. Chances are (as with The Departed) that the end result is just a dumbed down imitation with little merit on its own.  

  2. Call Girl looks alright, but that must be the worst-made trailer ever. Giving away too much while consisting mostly of incoherent, random shots and lines of dialogue. It looks like they try to make the film look more action-packed than it is.


    How did you like it SSchadenfreude? 

  3. I also had a rib eye at Morton's a couple of years ago. While the meat was good and nicely charred, I was a bit annoyed by the herbs (or herbed salt?) they use, to be honest. It just overpowers the flavors you're looking for in a steak. 


    Edit: that was Gibson's, I mixed it up.