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  1. I guess for me it all came down to my expectations: the film was alright, visually interesting as you said, stylish music, costumes and set design, but just so underwhelming when you consider it's coming from Jarmusch. 


    I'm thinking about the endless repetition of jokes, which were not that funny to begin with. And the annoying name dropping with that wall of historical personalities. The way the film tries to reference the genre feels lazy and uninspired, much like in Limits of Control. 

    And for me Tilda Swinton's thing she does is really stale, especially if you compare it to her hilarious performance in Snowpiercer. 


    I would say it feels like Jarmusch, as many older directors, is trying to transition to a different kind of style. But this can't be it. 

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    Sandalwood goodness. I went for the lighter EdT, and while the top note is a bit weird, I really like what comes after it. Almost like pure sandalwood oil, warm but not overly sweet. 

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    Really liked it. Director of Memories of Murder and produced by Park Chan-wook. The film takes a simple premise/metaphor and develops it into a rounded world full of little details and the sort of philosophical subtext often lacking in sic-fi nowadays.