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  1. jcashen87

    visvim ss16

    size up on 10 cut
  2. jcashen87

    arcteryx veilance

    My 15 Voronoi are great. I wore them a lot from spring through early fall. held up well.
  3. jcashen87


    Got a general sizing question for any smaller guys in here on shells like j27 and j47. I'm about 5'6" 140 lbs, size small acronym always seemed like the chest measurement was a bit wide but can anybody comment on the width and arm length around this size. Probably would layer some with the shells so i'm thinking its probably a good fit just curious though without having to read through 200 pages to find answers. Thanks
  4. jcashen87

    arcteryx veilance

    Are they doing apparats again for this upcoming Spring Summer?
  5. jcashen87

    Urban Techwear

    I have black lupineks and they are slippery for sure. I love them though. I got another pair of the defend water repellent black flyknits quickly online a month or so pre-ACG, and later realized it had the iridescent reflective material at toe and heel instead of all black. Like them ok, but the acg are superb. With nice leather and much more of a boot. My feet stay pretty warm in them too. I sized down a half size and they work well. I wear thicker merino socks even still with them i think with a thin sock it may be little loose fitting but not bad.
  6. jcashen87

    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Selling a brand new Varsity from SS15 Navy size 1. $2100 plus shipping. Below retail yada yada. Email me for offers, details whatever. [email protected] posting can be found here: https://www.grailed.com/listings/178031-visvim-visvim-suede-varsity-it-ss15 Atill selling that oglala 3L corduroy gore tex jacket. Waist inner belt keep you dry and warm. Barely make any 3L cotton face Gore Tex jackets these days does Visvim. Check it out https://www.grailed.com/listings/169089-visvim-visvim-oglala-3l-gore-tex-1 Selling Patrician Saddle shoes too. https://www.grailed.com/listings/169098-visvim-visvim-patrician-lo-folk-suede
  7. jcashen87


    Brig laces were way too long for me too. Maybe because im a smaller size.
  8. jcashen87

    FS Visvim, Nonnative, Wtaps, Acne and MORE

    buy some stuff. Make an offer and possibly get a deal. yeee
  9. jcashen87

    FS Visvim, Nonnative, Wtaps, Acne and MORE

  10. jcashen87


    Thats last FW's natural painted one. assume with mud. Looks great but not for what they want for it. The mud on it makes the thing jump up in price by like 200%.
  11. jcashen87

    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Price drop. FW12 SIZE 1 Visvim Oglala 3L Gore Tex Parka (Corduroy) 9/10 $800 $750 $600 plus shipping/paypal 4% or gift EMAIL [email protected] Comes with storm waistband inside. Italian Fine Ridge corduroy pro shell. Retailed for 144k yens. worn sparingly by me. 9/10 Condition
  12. jcashen87


    I use saphir just to clean/condition leather every once in a blue moon, the reno mat. The suede i have had with Visvim though is pretty damn resistant to any staining and crap i have put them through. I just wipe them as well. I do own the saphir suede cleaner/kit and have used them on another brands suede and it was pretty cool, definitely on par with their other products. The suede invulner does help make them water resistant and gives them a luster with the almond oil in it.
  13. jcashen87


    If i had to guess i would say the valdez hood trim is natural dye fabric clippings of some sort, same with that snoop jacket.
  14. jcashen87


    WTF did they put on the valdez hood? Sanjuro Bomber is nice, knits look interesting. Wool topcoat looks cool. everything seems to be solid so far. Shoes are mostly tried and true items, KNGR virgils with TPU, sneakers etc
  15. jcashen87

    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    SOLD http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/157827-fs-visvim-nonnative-wtaps-acne-and-more/