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  1. From the evolution of denim post I just posted. More on my flickr
  2. Viapiana a little over 1 year.
  3. Just bought my Fiancee a pair of Vipers! Her first pair of real denim. She can't wait!
  4. cthip - nice fit! I am thinking about getting my wife a pair as well modeled after these Banana Rebuplic jeans she is in love with haha.
  5. Small sample of after wash.
  6. These bad boys did its first wash the other day due to my 6-month old spitting up and spilling on an inappropriate spot haha. ] Before Wash.
  7. Very nice hemi, I love the electric blue fading these get. That roll cuff + boots = Yes. Haha
  8. New Viapiana video I found... I think it said 1 month old.
  9. @coffeenapkin
  10. Canon t3i I think most are shot with my 50mm (plastic fantastic) or 40mm pancake
  11. Here are just some of my logo designs!
  12. Hello, My name is Grayson Hjaltalin. I have been a graphic designer for around 3 years now. I am located in northern California area and love the idea of imagery and designs. I know this really doesn't seem like something that would potently touch SuFu but I am curious if there are anymore designers out there? I would love to see some inspirational imagery whether is be logos, art, fashion and others. Even a picture of a sign of some hand painted store. Anything really I would love to see what products you have worked on or with. Also what products has designers do you use? Mac, adobe, wacom or any others? Techniques? I think it would be interesting to hear what people on SuFu are up to. Thanks!
  13. You can take a look on his website at http://www.viapiana.ca/portfolio/materials/
  14. Very nice Hemi can't wait to see these over time!