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  1. usa :: new york :: general

    Hit Uncle Boons if you have a chance. Probably easy enough on the expense acct and phenomenal northern Thai food. Spicy Village is another cool spot if your guests don't mind super low key Chinatown spot. BYOB and great noodle dishes. Flavors kind of resemble Xi'an Famous Foods. I also like taking people to Raoul's for dinner. You can usually get a res and it's an old school New York vibe with great french food. Not as easy on the wallet but a cool spot. Also- hit me up if you want to meet up for a beer while you're in town. I used to lurk at the original Tanner Goods spot in Chinatown when ya'll had sneakers in the glass case and everything. We linked up for a second when I was at Yuketen and you were helping with buying for the Woodlands as well. Would be cool to catch up.
  2. Iron Heart Rider's Jacket - $250

    Price drop
  3. Iron Heart Rider's Jacket - $250

    Up - jacket added
  4. usa :: new york :: general

    Go to the Y3 store in Soho.
  5. usa :: new york :: general

    I wouldn't limit yourself to retail. There are a lot of brands, large and small, that are based in New York as well. If your goal is to get to New York and start sustaining yourself, you will have no problem doing so. It can take time to get a job, any job, so apply to as many as you can (this doesn't mean you should rush your applications or half-ass them, though). You'll be fine with your degree. I studied music technology, of all things, and now work in fashion. If I were you, I would apply on the brand side as well and start working as early as possible. This will help you gain experience and get you a paycheck (unless you bag an internship). Once you have a job, keep your eye on brands/retailers/companies you think you'd like to work at more than where you are currently and apply when something becomes available. Once you have a job, you can always quit if/when you find something better.
  6. usa :: new york :: general

    Hit up Uncle Boons in Nolita for good Thai. People like Freeman's in the LES too, it's been around for a long time so probably not as much of a scene as it used to be. I recently had a good time going from the basement bar @ Tijuana Picnic -> Old Man Hustle -> Beverly's -> 169 Bar -> Baby Grand. Go to Shake Shack in Madison Sq park, not central park. And then go to Eataly (also has rooftop) if you're still hungry. And then go to the Clocktower if you're still hungry. There are a gazillion places to eat and drink in NYC. ny.eater.com can be helpful.
  7. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Selling my Minie Hunting Jacket - size 2: $400 OBO
  8. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Drop to $660 on the 7 Hole 73 Folk boots
  9. Iron Heart Rider's Jacket - $250

    Bump / price drop
  10. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Price drop to $700. Happy Friday.